Gilgal Sculpture Garden

Saturday we went to the Gilgal Sculpture Garden and dinner with family. We've wanted to come check out this garden for awhile, but haven't. On Saturday evening we were getting together with Rob's family for dinner. His Mom and sister were in town and his niece is entering the MTC so we were meeting up with them and 3 of his brother's and their families. We arrived a few minutes early and so we were waiting in the car while I nursed Nixon. And that's when I realized we were right next to Gilgal, the sculptural garden we've wanted to see. We got a text that some of the family was going to be a half hour late so we had just enough time to walk around the block to the entrance and check out the garden. We happened to get there just as one of Rob's brother's pulled up too. They had the same idea.


  1. This place looks cool. :) where is it?

    1. It's in SLC. 749 E 500 S. I'd be a fun place to see if you're in the area.