Lagoon 2016

On Thursday we went to Lagoon. It's been a long time since Rob and I have gone... like before kids, which means the girls have never been. This was their first experience with an amusement park, unless we count Molly's trip to Disneyland at 3 months old, and they loved it.
We aimed to get there at opening and Rob really wanted to hit Rattle Snake Rapids first thing. So that was our first destination and with Rob's stiff back and trying to remember how to get back to that ride from a foggy memory it was maybe not the best first ride choice. But we made it and since I really dislike water rides I gladly opted to stay with Nixon while Rob and the girls rode the ride. It was funny because as soon and the ride ended Molly came running out to me and told me it was a horrible ride because she got all wet. She must be my daughter. Sophie and Rob loved it.
From there we rode the title ride, the swings, and a bunch of kid rides. We picked a great day to go to Lagoon because even though there were lines, the wait wasn't too long. The only problem we faced with the lines was that as soon as we'd get to the front of a line Molly or Sophie would announce that they had to go potty so we'd have to weave our way back out of the line. Sophie stood in the line to ride the baby boats 3 times before she actually rode it.
While waiting in line for the train. Nixon was t.h.e. c.u.t.e.s.t! There were a couple of tween girl admiring Nixon from behind us and he was loving it. I was holding him on my hip and he kept leaning way back to smile upside at the young girls behind us. He kept doing it again and again. Such a tease! They were loving it and I was dying over how cute it was!
Molly was just tall enough to ride just about all the rides. And she was brave. She did the Colossus with Rob, and Wicked and Mouse Trap with me. We didn't have her do Cannibal though, Rob went alone first and said it was pretty scary. So he waited with the kids while I went. And it was crazy! I can take all the twisting and the speed, but the free fall was terrifying. 
Nixon rode a few ride with us all too. He rode the train, the sky scraper, and the sky ride. 
Molly, Nixon, and I rode together on the sky ride and were pretty amazed by the amount of hair ties on the roofs.
Sophie and Rob rode in front of us.
We stayed until about six in the evening and let the girls play one of the carnival games just before we left. Molly kept asking throughout the day if she could play a game and I told her once that maybe before we left, thinking she'd totally forget, and I forget that she never forgets. So she held me to my word. Sophie and her played hit the mole which was about 30 seconds long and we basically paid 4 bucks for a tiny, ugly stuffed animal. But she played a game and left as happy as could be.

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  1. I rode one of those sky ride things in Santa Cruz. I wasn't really in love with it. I didn't enjoy being up so high with my feet dangling.