Molly's First Day of Elementary School

Molly started half day kindergarten August 29, 2016. We've been looking forward to this day for a long time! She's such a social girl I was excited for her, but as the school day approached I felt a little apprehensive sending her off. She's my big helper and little friend. But I felt a little better knowing it was only for 3 hours. 
I took a few shots of her the night before so that I wouldn't feel too stressed out about getting photos on her big day. It made our day a lot smoother. 
I got a bunch of videos and one shot of Molly as I dropped her off for school Monday. It was so cute! They had the whole school out to greet and cheer on every new kindergartener. The principle held their hand and walked them down a red carpet and under a rainbow of balloons. There was music playing and kids were dancing. I got a serious lump in my throat and watery eyes. Rob was lucky enough to be able to come see her off too, because he was unlucky enough to have come down with pink eye, and was working from home that day.
I put this little video together of her big day and was so bummed that at the moment she walked down the red carpet my camera was tracking someone else and she got blurrier the further she went... grrr..., but I guess it's a bit symbolic.

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