Nixon 7 months

  • Nixon likes to sleep on his tummy and often tucks his knees under him so that his little bum sticks up in the air.
  • Nixon learned to get into sitting position at the beginning of the month and is now a pro. He does the yoga down dog move and then quickly brings his legs under him and sits down.
  • Nixon also started crawling at the beginning of the month! It feels a little early for him to be mobile and I was looking forward to letting him sit and play before I needed to worry about where he might go.
  • Nixon got a starband helmet to correct his head shape. He's made the adjustment well. And we're adjusting to seeing him in his helmet.
  • Nixon now cries when you take something away from him.
  • He's a little charmer. He's always smiling at people and is doing things to get reactions. For example while we were in line at Lagoon I was holding Nixon on my hip and he was leaning way back to smile upside down at the young girls behind us over and over again. They were loving it and I was dying over how cute it was.

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