Nixon 8 Months

Things about Nixon this past month:
  • He likes when I kiss his cheeks and lips after I put him down to sleep. It makes him smile!
  • He learned how to pull himself up to standing position and has even started cruising a bit.
  • If he sees me with food he crawls over to me hoping he'll get to have some of whatever I'm eating. It reminds me of a begging dog, but much cuter!
  • He arches his back, like a pro, when he's upset about something.
  • He knows and responds to his name.
  • He likes getting in the shower with his dad each morning.
  • He slept a 12 hour stint during the night when he turned exactly 8 months old.
  • He prefers to sleep on his stomach.
  • He's been teething all month and finally his right front tooth cut through and is just barely peeking out of his gums.

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