September Happenings 2016

I'm surprised how fast September came and went! Here are our September happenings:

Our kids played with their friends during Sacrament Meeting the week Rob stayed home with pink eye. It make the hour pass by much better than it could have if I had to keep all three quiet and reverent. I couldn't resist taking a photo.

Sophie started preschool and she has been loving it! When it's time to go she says to me, "It's okay mom, I can go by myself." Her school is in the neighborhood, but far enough away that she needs a grownup to take her.

The girls had their semi-annual dentist appointment. Last year Sophie was so excited and opened her mouth as wide as possible until she saw the x-ray machine gun, then it was I have to go potty, and I don't want to and she refused to open her mouth the rest of the appointment. So I wasn't sure what to expect this year. But she did great and even insisted she go first. She was cavity free and just has a bit of an underbite.
Molly did excellent and has a partially loose tooth on the bottom front and a crooked one that has a tooth growing in behind the baby tooth. The crooked tooth may need to be pulled by the dentist because it's coming in and not absorbing the root of the baby tooth above.

Nixon started pulling himself up to standing position.

I kept finding Nixon standing in his crib after nap time and when I got some photos Sophie came in to play. Here she is showing him how to jump on the bed.

On Wednesdays Sophie does Kid Fitness and Molly has gymnastics. They had to adjust the time of Molly's class so it doesn't coordinate with Sophie's class as well anymore. This means Molly spends a half an hour with me on the track before her class starts and Sophie spends another half an hour with me after her class is over. Molly loves to run small sprints during her time on the track.

While at the park one day Molly came to me and told me someone was bleeding. I ran over to help and a young boy had a deep cut near his eye. I walked him back to his house and his mom had to take him in for stitches. It was pretty upsetting to the boy and to my kids. Molly insisted on taking this photo below of the blood droplets and when we got home she told me she went to her room to pray for the little boy that he would be okay.

I love the way Sophie sleeps. She sleeps a lot like me with little movement. Molly is all over the place when she sleeps. It fits the movement of each of their personality types. Molly is a type 1 and Sophie a type 4.

One day we were all inadvertently matching.

We hiked to Grotto Falls.

Molly made these signs for the BYU vs. U of U game. Sophie has been talking about "BIU" (BYU) ever since.

We had Rob's brother over for lunch after Stake Conference one Sunday and took a drive up past South Fork Park.

We went to the park and got dinner from the food trucks one Wednesday evening. It was pretty chilly that day, but we had fun running around the park to stay warm.

Sophie watching the iPad.

Nixon and Molly in his crib.

My girls rooms are always a disaster every. single. night!

Nixon and I matching.

We went to see Jungle Book at Adobe's outdoor movie. We were going to get dinner before and ended up going to a Cafe Rio that wasn't open yet. So we tried a new restaurant that was nearby. This was the only photo I took that night which was on our way to dinner.

We hiked to Battle Creek Falls one Saturday. We saw two snakes along the way. It was pretty hot and not as easy as Grotto Falls.

Sophie and Nixon playing at the kid's desk.

I've started making quilts to give to the kids for Christmas.

The girls played out in the rain with their friend one rainy afternoon. It was fun to see how much joy they got from being out in the rain. It make me smile.

We went to Red Robin to use my birthday coupon one evening and Sophie kept wanting to go potty. We waited like this for a good ten minute until she said she was done, although she was done 9 minutes earlier.

One of Sophie's interesting outfit choices. She insists she dress herself everyday and always choose weird combinations. I should really take her picture everyday and make a little video out of them.

Programing at the library started back up and we went to Kiddie Kraft.

Sophie insists on walking this ledge every Wednesday when we finish Kid Fitness and Molly's gymnastics class. I loved the shadows this day. It was totally midday and their shadows were long! Hooray for September light.

Nixon took his first bath with the girls.

My sister Tiffany took me to dinner a couple days before my birthday. I love her! Wish we were closer and could have more sisters-night-out.

I celebrated my 34th birthday on Friday. It was a rainy morning and not the best morning. We ran over to Old Navy to make a return and I walked in and walk right back out. It was too busy and I didn't want to waste my time waiting in line for 30 minute to make 2 returns. Then we stopped by Home Goods. It had just open the day before. Mistake #2. It was really busy too and I hate crowded stores. But the day got better. The sun came out. My friend stopped by with a gift. Rob took me to lunch at Tucanos. I got to lay down and read for a few minutes, I hung out with some neighborhood friends until evening, and the girls and I got smoothies for dinner. Rob used my birthday coupon at Rubio and we waited for over 30 minutes for a bowl of rice and toppings. Annoying! But we ended the night with some lemon Nothing Bundt Cake and after the kids went down Rob and I watched a movie.

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