BYU Homecoming Parade

Saturday we drove down to BYU campus for the homecoming parade. This was my first homecoming parade, even though I spent for years here at school. I'm not sure how I missed it four times?! We set up our chairs right next to the duck pond and had about an hour wait before the parade got to us. So while we waited, me and the girls walked around and explored. I have to say it's always fun to be on campus! It brings back so many fun memories!
After the parade we went to the Edge Homes Pumpkin Bash. It was crazy! We went last year and it was fun, but pretty busy. This year was twice as busy! It was basically a circus. I don't think we'll go next year with the amount of crowds it brings in so it was fun to do one last time. I'm sad I didn't take one picture! I wish I'd gotten a picture of the line we waited in for over an hour!

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