Gold Bunkbeds

The girls have gold bunkbeds! Their twin beds were taking up most of their bedroom so we bought them bunk beds to create more space for them to play. The bed is from Ikea and it came in gray.  I bought a ton of gold spray paint and primer and after a good couple weeks of working myself up to the project I started painting.
Knowing the kids would be climbing all over the bunk, I wanted to make sure the paint had a good bond and wouldn't come off. I started by priming one large side of the bed and the ladder. Then I spayed the ladder in gold because I just couldn't wait to see how it was going to look. As soon as I sprayed the gold it started crackling and shriveling up the paint! It looked horrible! I wasn't sure what was wrong and why this was happening. I sprayed some on the other primed piece with the same result. I was confused. Was it the primer, the gold paint, or because I was out in the heat...? I took a piece of the underside of the bed and just sprayed on the gold without any primer to see how it looked and... voila... it was beautiful. So smooth. No crackling! No shriveling! So it was the dang primer! I spent a good few days stripping off the paint and primer from those pieces and damaging some of the Ikea finish as well. Then I sanded and sanded and started spraying them gold. Those to pieces do not look as good as the other pieces, but unless you're looking you might not notice. (And I definitely took back all that stinkin' primer!)
I sprayed a little here and a little there for weeks. I made sure to let the paint dry before I put on a new layer. Once finished, I added a sealer. After 7 and a half cans of paint and some sealer we called them done and hauled them upstairs to be put together.
And putting them together was a whole other story. It took an entire Saturday. Not because it needed that much time to assemble, although an Ikea assembly is rarely a breeze, but because 2 of the parts that held screws fell into the bed frame and there was no way to retrieve them. So I had to make an Ikea run and pick up those 2 pieces. On a Saturday. When Ikea is overcrowded. And we also paused midday for a family reunion, but that night they were ready to be used. 
And the girls couldn't have been more excited!
And in case you're wondering the paint scratches off pretty easily, but they sure are cute.

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