Hee Haw Farms

Sophie had a preschool field trip to Hee Haw Farms last week. The plan was to drop her off and I'd take Molly and Nixon to the new play place at the University Mall until Sophie was finished.

I put in the address her teacher gave us in my phone the night before so I knew what time we needed to leave. It took longer to get out the door than I was hoping and so we were going to get there right on time, but not a few minutes early like I planned. So we drove right to the place my phone GPS lead us and found we'd gone to a bunch of office buildings.?! So I quickly texted her teacher that we were lost, but we were coming. So I put the address in my phone again and made sure to put it in exactly like she'd given us and found that we were still 10 minutes away! I knew there was a Hee Haw Farms in Pleasant Grove, but the address said Lindon and I figured there were 2 farms and we needed to go to the Lindon one. So we drove 10 minutes to the other address and when it took us to a neighborhood I realized the address her teacher gave me was wrong and that it had to be the one in Pleasant Grove!

I decided I'd better call Sophie's teacher and let her know since she hadn't responded to my text and we were now 15 minutes late. When I looked her up in my contacts I realized I didn't have her phone number, only her email, and so she didn't get my previous text. Grrr! But thankfully my phone rang right then and it was her. She wanted to know if we were coming to the farm. So I explained what had happened and we put in the address to the farm in Pleasant Grove and finally found it!

We were only a half hour late! And by that time I was not going to take the other kids to the play place and asked if I and my kids could come in. We paid the field trip rate and went in. Molly, Nixon, and I had a blast. Sophie was with her class so we didn't see her at all until it was time to pick her up. And sadly I didn't any photos with her in them...
Molly went down the slide, and swung on the tire swing.

We went through the corn maze and picked a pumpkin in the patch.

Our favorite part was the huge box filled with corn.

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