Molly Looses Her First Tooth

On Tuesday (Oct 4, 2016) Molly kept showing me how wiggly her front bottom tooth was. It was wiggly, but I thought she had a few more days before it came out. She was pretty sure it was coming out that day and she was so excited! Before she left for school I tried pulling it out, but it I thought it need more time. 
So after school and Rob came home from work, she wanted help pulling it out. Rob started pulling and Molly quickly changed her mind. Rob kept pulling and there was some serious terror in Molly's eyes. Once Rob stopped pulling she did not want his help again. 
She needed a little bit of encouragement to try again and then she started pulling it out herself.
And she did it! She pulled it out all on her own! Then the tears dried right up and she was so excited again. It's crazy how quickly emotions can change!

I spent the rest of the evening designing and making a little holder for her tooth and preparing for the tooth fairy to visit. Molly was pretty curious about what the fairy uses teeth for so she wrote her a little note.
When Molly woke up the next morning she discovered the tooth fairy did come. She left her a little letter and $2.
Molly couldn't wait to spend the money the tooth fairy left her and requested a quick trip to Target. She bought a Mamba and some glow sticks with her money.

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  1. I love this! I love the little video and that box and tiny letter are so adorable! :) you could sell those. :)