Molly's Reflections Submissions

Molly participated in Reflections this year. She chose to submit 3 items. It was a great teaching opportunity. We watched online tutorials for 2 of the divisions and learned a lot about how to write a poem, and make a still-motion video.

Literature: Poem

Visual Arts: Painting

Film: geteng lost in yeloston


We attended Molly's reflection award night in the middle of November. 
Molly received an honorable mention, and metal, for her visual arts painting.
She also won 1st place in film, but she didn't get called up to accept her trophy because the trophy was etched with the wrong name (Molly Jensen). So when they called for Molly Jensen to come up I turned to Rob and said, "I think that's Molly's". I was pretty sure there was not another Molly in kindergarten who also made a film. So after the ceremony I asked (even though I didn't want to be "that mom") and they looked at their papers and verified that it was for Molly Williams. They returned the trophy to be etched in the correct name. Molly's film will move up to divisional.

(Sophie cried and was bummed that she didn't win anything. I tried to explain why she would be getting a metal or trophy that night, but it didn't help. Haha.)

****** Update 2 ******

Molly's film won at the PTA council level. We attended the awards ceremony (Dec 15, 2016) where they gave her a goodie bag and played her video for the audience. Her film will soon be judged at the district level.

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  1. So fun! Landon hasn't participated in reflections either year because it is always right during his birthday and it's hard for me to remember since I am so focused on birthday stuff. But maybe I can plan better next year. :)