Nixon 9 months

Things about Nixon this past month...
  • He's cruising. He likes to do laps around his crib. His movements remind me of a bear the way he stands and goes back down on all fours.
  • He squeals with joy and his screams are so LOUD! He kind of sounds like a velociraptor. There have been a few times he's squealed in my ear and it makes my ears ring and temporarily go deaf!
  • He's started waving hello (first time Oct 5th). Sometimes he flaps his hand and other times waves side to side from the wrist. He loves to wave to me and to himself in the mirror.
  • He's starting to sign. Just a bit. He's signs 'milk', but I think he uses it to mean 'food 'and he's signs 'more'.
  • He cut two front teeth on the top and one on the bottom. He's got another bottom one just about to break through.
  • He knows when I take him into his room that it's time for sleep. He always arches his back in protest, but calms down when I sing to him.
  • He likes to pull things out of the plug. He always unplugs our nest cam and our plug scents. He also likes to play with the toilet scrubber if we forget to close the bathroom door.
  • He still wakes one to two times a night to nurse.
  • He loves to play and splash in water.
  • He is still so smiley! It's the best!
Height: 28in: 30%
Weight: 17lbs 13oz: 20%
Head Circumference 16.5in: 0%

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