BYU Women's Volleyball Game

Thursday night we went to the last BYU women's volleyball game of the season. We grabbed some dinner at Cafe Rio just before it started. It was a fun family date night. Molly and Sophie were so excited and wired. They were dancing, yelling, cheering, and having a ball. They even got on the jumbotron 4 times! Nixon was having fun too. He kept bouncing to the music, smiling, and charming the crowd behind us.
Toward the end I took Nixon up near the bleachers and got him to sleep in his car seat. Molly came up with me and climbed up and down all those steps over and over again.
We left before the end, since it was well past our kids bedtimes, and I'd say the ten dollars spent was a small price to pay to make this fun memory with our family.

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