Halloween 2016

Molly and Sophie wanted to be Mary Poppins again this year... which meant I didn't have to spend any time sewing or costume hunting. And they were just as cute as last year! Nixon was a little bear by default. I was going to put him in the bunny costume we have his size, but when we got dressed it was too hot outside and then later I didn't have time. So we put the hood up on what he was wearing and he was a little bear. (He did dress up as the scarecrow from Wizard of Oz for our ward Halloween Party so I don't feel as guilty.)
After getting the girls dressed, I took a few photos of them, and then we went down to trick-or-treat on main street with our friends. It was really busy, like any kid event in Utah, but it was extra fun to have friends with us to keep us less annoyed.
When we got back I dropped the girls off at the park with Rob for a neighborhood potluck and I took Nixon home to feed him before we ate and went trick-or-treating. It was a good thing I went home because Rob's brother Brent stopped by to say hi and see the kids costumes. So Nixon, Brent, and I headed to the park. We ate and then we all took the girls trick-or treating.

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