October 2016 Happenings

I made cinnamon rolls for General Conference. I rarely make them, so they were a special treat. We may have eaten an entire pan in one day...

We got back Molly's school picture.

Painted Molly's fingernails. She request a different color on each finger and I had just enough colors to do them all.

Molly lost her first tooth. More about that here.

Sophie decided it was a good idea to jump from the top of our bedroom chair onto a pile of pillows and blanket first thing one Sunday morning.

Sophie is always emptying our drawers. She's always prepping for a 'party' that we're not having.

Construction began behind our house. They brought this huge crane in one day and it was huge! Just look at how big it is compared to the people standing next to it. I almost couldn't fit the crane in my picture and I had a full frame camera and a wide angle lens!
We quickly lost our view and now only see a big cement building. I miss our mountain views!

Teasing Molly and Sophie getting in on the action too. 

Went to the farmer's market in Provo one Saturday. Rob dropped off me, Nixon, and the girls while he took our van in to be serviced. We looked around, snacked on some aebleskivers, then played on the playground. 
When Rob came to pick us up we let the girls buy a pumpkin on the way out.

Ate breakfast with Rob at his work cafe. We love when they do dollar Tuesdays!

I made some homemade peppermint marshmallows for a little get together at my house. We had hot chocolate, apple cider, and donut holes to go with them.

I've been taking Nixon's picture once a month to see the progress of his head shaping. It's hard to get pictures of him not looking at me.

The kids and I tried out a new park one morning. Nixon was loving it too.

We went to Hee Haw Farms for Sophie's fieldtrip.

Rob went to a BYU game with his co-workers. They got to go on the field when the players came out.

We went to BYU's homecoming parade one Saturday morning. We had lots of time before the parade made it's way to us so the girls and I walked around the duck pond and on campus a bit.
I love this phone photo I took of the girls from a puddle at the duck pond. After the parade we went to Edge homes pumpkin bash with a bazillion other people.

Making witches at Kiddie Kraft. Sophie smothered hers in glue.


Nixon woke up one morning with swollen eyes. He's been teething and so I thought it may be the teeth or an allergy to the Ibuprofen I gave him the night before. He had puffy eyes two days in a row, then the 3rd night he got a fever in the night and a little rash. Man it's been a rough month for Nixon.
This was the best photo I could get of his teeth coming in. Two on top and two on bottom.
It's hard to see here, but this was a picture of his little rash.

For fall break my sister and one of her son's came to stay with us. We went to the new playground at the University Mall, met up with my niece Hillary for lunch at Chick-fil-A, and ran a few errands. We ate out for dinner twice and went to the Scarecrow Festival at Thanksgiving Point.

Molly and Nixon playing in the hall.

Rob took the girls to the children's museum one evening while I stayed home with Nixon.

We dressed up like the Wizard of Oz for our ward halloween party. Rob was the wizard, me the wicked witch of the west, Molly was Glinda, Sophie was Dorothy, and Nixon was the scarecrow. 
Molly was sad here because her ballon was taken and popped while we were getting our picture taken.

Nixon turned 9 months.
He's got the Micheal Jordan tongue down so he'll probably be good at basketball. At least that's what Rob said.

Sophie dressed up like Mary Poppins for her preschool halloween party.

We hung out with our out-of-town friends the Pickets when they were visiting family in UT. Rob was good friends with Beka in high school. More about our day with them here.

Rob and Sophie taking selfies while me and Molly shopped at Costco.

On Halloween we went to Rob's work for lunch. It was a quick in and out visit since Molly had school to get to. 
That night we trick-or-treated on main street, ate a potluck dinner with friends and Rob's brother Brent, and then trick-or-treated in our neighborhood.

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