Saturday Adventures

Last Saturday we didn't have anything specific planned, but we sure filled our day with lots of adventures. Since the weather was so nice I wanted to do something outside and enjoy the fall weather before the cold sets in so we decided to hike up to Bridal Veil Falls. Rob really wanted to look at houses, so we drove around several neighborhoods on the way looking at charming old houses.
Two people recently fell to their death at the falls so there were flowers placed all around.
We also witnessed a roller-blader crash right in front of us. She was okay, but it sure didn't look fun.
From the falls we walked over to Nunns park and let the kids play. We played on the playground, skipped rocks in the river, and watched some fishermen catch fish.
After Nunns park, we drove down to Provo. We were just going to drive by and take a look at a certian house, but they were actually doing an open house that day so we got to walk around inside.

We then stopped by the bean museum. We always enjoy walking around this museum. Plus, the kids love to ride up and down the HUGE elevator.

From there we decided to try a new restaurant. We heard the Banditos were delicious at  Joe Vera's. We did really like the chips and salsa and the bandito, but felt the banditos were over-priced. For a dish with just a tortilla, beans, cheese, and lettuce it was a bit pricy. Now if there were chicken on it or a side of rice or something it would have been more worth it.


  1. Looking at houses? Are you guys thinking about moving?

    1. Thinking about it. Rob's more serious than I am. I'd like to save up more, he'd rather pay a mortgage than rent.