Sophie's 4th Birthday

We celebrated Sophie's 4th birthday Sunday! As soon she woke up she came in our room to cuddle. We got some photos and a few video in bed. She kept making this weird face when I asked her to show me how old she was.

She requested pumpkin waffles and so that's just what she got. We gave her the special-day-plate and put some candles on her breakfast.

After breakfast she opened all her gifts. She got a plasma car, a bunny-hooded blanket, a build a straw, a tinkerbell toothbrush, a KitKat, a book, some shopkins, a little girl in a box, and a card with $5 and some balloons (from Grandma and Grandpa).

Mid morning we headed to church. It was fun having her birthday on Sunday because it was actually spread over 3 days. On Saturday we took her to the children's museum and let her pick a place to eat for dinner. She picked McDonalds. On Sunday, she got to see all her friends at church and lots of family in the evening, and on Tuesday they celebrated her birthday at preschool.

After church we drove up to Evanston WY. Rob's nephew was getting the priesthood and they were having dinner after so we got to hang out with family. We brought a big rainbow cake for Sophie's birthday dessert.


  1. Such a cute video! I always love the videos you make. :) What camera do you use?