December Happenings 2016

Oh boy December was a crazy month! It's is always a crazy month, but normally we're not buying a house or visiting the doctors office with everything else that's going on. We did fit in seeing Santa multiple times. Our first visit to see the big guy and Mrs. Claus was at an Edge Home event. We had donuts and hot chocolate and Nixon didn't cry, although his breathing quickened and he was on the verge before we swooped him back up into our arms.

Rob got tickets to a Jazz game one night. He took the girls, his brother, and a couple nephews. I stayed home and put Nixon to bed and sewed like a crazy woman trying to get the kids Christmas quilts done.

Sophie visited the doctor. She's been having stomach aches since the beginning of November. The doctor sent us to the lab to get her blood drawn for testing. It was a bit traumatic for her. And the person drawing her blood was not nice. She got flustered and kind of yelled at Sophie for crying too loud. She promptly shut the door and in a loud and not so friendly voice told Sophie she couldn't scream and cry like that that there were other patients. Sophie was barely 4 at the time and I thought she was acting very appropriate for a small person who was being held down and forced to have a needle stuck in her arm and her blood taken out! I was really bothered by our experience at this lab. Plus they couldn't get enough blood so they stuck the needle in her other arm and still couldn't get enough so we had to come back. We ended up having to go back 3 times and by the third time Sophie didn't even cry. She was so brave!

I spend the better part of the month sewing the kids quilts for Christmas. 

I read Molly my journal from when I lived in China. It was fun to remember so many details of my time there and Molly enjoyed listening. She took this picture.

We drove down to Provo to see Christmas in Color.

We went to a puppet show at the library.

Found this selfie of the girls. They must have been taking a bath.

Rob's work had their annual work party at the Loveland Living Planet Aquarium. They had appetizers and dessert and we walked around the museum.

Our stake does a live nativity every year. We missed last year's because we were at Rob's work party, so this year was our first time going. It was cool, but it was pouring rain, windy, and we were watching extra kids... a niece and nephew. It was still fun to see, but I bet it's so much better when the weather cooperates.

Our home teachers had a get together with the families they visit. So we had dinner, made indoor s'mores, and had a lesson. It was nice.

I have so many small hairs growing back from when I lost so much hair after Nixon's birth. And he literally gave me gray hair. So many of these little fly aways are white! It's finally happened. I'm going gray and I'm only 34!

We got free passes to the Natural History Museum of Utah. We'd planned to go with friends, but in the end they couldn't go. I almost decided to just bag it, but I knew my kids would love it. So we made the trek there. We didn't have too much time because we needed to be back in time for school for Molly. But we made it though the whole museum before we had to leave. The kids did enjoy it.

Molly wrote Santa and listed what she wanted for Christmas. (American doll house, little train, night light, American doll, skates, blender, American doll accessories, money to buy a house, American dolls, bikes, books, play-doh, elf, Nutella, bananas, hammock, sandwiches (?), and Calico Critters.)

We had our ward Christmas party. They had a lasagna dinner, some stories, and the kids sang a couple Christmas songs. I lead the kids and there was so much background noice I could barely hear them sing and I was right in front of them. It was kind of sad, since we'd practiced so much in primary, but they did it and looked so cute doing it.

We had Nixon's last helmet appointment. The doctor said he was done wearing the helmet.
He was cute in the helmet, but he's even cuter when you can see his whole face.

Sophie had her preschool Christmas performance. She was SO CUTE and so funny I couldn't stop laughing. You can watch her performance here. I promise lots of laughs.

Molly's reflections film won at the PTA council level. We attended the awards ceremony where they gave her a goodie bag and played her video for the audience. Her film will next be judged at the district level.

Sophie's blood work came back with elevated liver enzymes so she needed to have an ultrasound at the hospital. The ultrasound didn't show anything out of the ordinary. So we still don't know why she continues to have stomach aches. She'll have to see a gastroenterologist. 

I almost didn't do a Christmas card this year. I just couldn't get my act together to take our family pictures. But I take so many pictures in a year I was pretty sure I could come up with something. This is it.

We saw Santa again at Adobe.

I have some great friends. One gave me a sweet card, a print of Teach These Souls to Fly with an article to read with it. It was really thoughtful!

More sewing. So much sewing!

Rob took the girls to see the lights at Temple Square. I stayed home with Nixon so he could go to bed and I could sew.

We closed on our first house.

We asked the seller to do a few things for us. He remodeled the home and so he had lots of skills we don't have. We had him put in shelves and doors on a big empty space in our eating nook. We had him put up clothing rods and a few shelfs in our master bedroom closet, and we had him put insulation, osb, and a new window in the garage.
This is how bad the garage looked before. 
I didn't get an after shot of the garage, but this one shows it in the process.

We went to Molly's Christmas program. She sang 'I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas' and a school Christmas song. (She's on the top row in the red and blue plaid. 8th from the left.)
Rob was working from home that day so he was able to come watch with me, Sophie, and Nixon.

Once we closed on our house we tried to do as many projects that we could before we moved in. Molly helped me paint the drywall in the laundry room. I painted some in the bedroom and touched up the stairs. We built a dresser, put up some clothing rods in the kids bedrooms, and brought over loads of things every time we came. We brought the girls IKEA bunk bed over, touched up the paint on them, and got it almost put together when a screw broke. That meant it didn't get put together until 2 weeks after we moved, which is apparently the amount of time a screw takes to get from Sweden to Utah.

Nixon and his climbing! I think the helmet came off too soon. It would be super helpful these days. He's had lot of dings. He hit his head on a door frame and fallen down the stars a couple times.

Our friends gave us this really awesome Christmas coloring page. It was huge and entertained the girls for quite sometime when we were working on the move to our new house.

Our Christmas Eve dinner and...
our Christmas morning.

One night we randomly saw our friend on TV.

The day after Christmas we visited Hill Aerospace Museum with Rob's family.

I curled Sophie's hair that day and it was darling!

The girls got haircuts and Sophie's stylist put a little braid in her hair. That braid lasted a few days.

Here are the finished quilts I made for the kids for Christmas. They turned out really cute and the kids love them. Win win!

My brother Wade and his family came down to visit us. We showed them our house, went out for lunch, and went to the Monte Bean Museum.

On the 30th we moved into our new house. My sister Tiffany came down and helped for a couple days! Then on move day Rob's brother Brent helped, my parents, and Rob's other brother Rich and two of his sons came for a bit. It was so helpful to have so many helping hands! I forgot to take any pictures of the move, but I took one of the bed that night. We barely fit our king-sized bed and chair in the room. The first thing I did once we unloaded everything was get the bed set up so that we had a nice place to sleep that night. We were so tired at the end of it. Rob said he felt like he'd been hit by a car that night.

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