Molly's 6th Birthday

We celebrated Molly's 6th birthday! She had a fun day!
She opened her gifts first thing. She got a skateboard with safety pads, a winter coat, a drawing book, shoes, a toothbrush, and a blanket.
She got an awfully lot of pink things... not on purpose.
Molly requested Swedish pancakes for breakfast. We filled them with nutella, bananas, biscoff, jam, and cream... but not all of those at the same time :)

After breakfast I took Molly and Sophie to kid fitness. They always love this class.

After kid fitness we headed home for lunch and school. Molly chose to take donuts as a treat to share with her class. After school she played at her friend's house and then got a visit from Uncle Brent. 
We took her out to dinner for her birthday the day before and so I let her pick whatever she wanted to eat for dinner. She pick Eggs on Toast. A family favorite we usually eat for breakfast.
After dinner we sang to Molly and ate cake.

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