Molly's Birthday Eve

My sister-in-law Tiffany, always warned us to not introduce Chuck E. Cheese's too early or that is all you will hear about for every birthday celebration. Well, I don't know who mentioned it to Molly, but that is all I heard about for the last two weeks leading up to Molly's birthday. Rather than hearing it one more day, we decided to just rip the band aid off and go the night before she turned 6.
Overall, it wasn't horrible. That statement is a pretty strong compliment coming from a guy who worked after school at the Arizona equivalent of Chuck E. Cheese called Pistol Pete's Pizza, for about 2 months (which was 2 months too long). When I worked there, a lot of things that I hated were some of the bright spots of Molly's birthday destination pick. Where I worked, the pizza tasted like cardboard, but at Chuck E. Cheese's, it wasn't bad. Where I worked, the place was not clean. But at Chuck E. Cheese's, it was cleaner than I thought it would be. It was not clean enough to eat off of, but it passed the Heather test of letting Nixon roam relatively free. Where I worked, after the first night I remember the annoying repetitious catch phrases of games like King Kong Pingball and Street Fighter 2 burned into my brain. It was like when you looked at the sun as a kid and there was that worry that you had looked a little too long because of little black spots in your vision that you thought were forever lost because you looked a little too long. I felt this about these games that haunted my dreams and stayed in my mind way more than I like to admit. The games at Chuck E. Cheese's were not annoying and some were even fun. Of course, I lost to Heather in about every game we played. It is not that I am that bad at these games. It is just that she is really good - at everything. And consistent too. She made it in the 100 point tiny hole in skeeball, twice, in the same game. I came up about 50 points short. But that is a microcosm of when we play against each other.
Molly really enjoyed herself. She would do this funny little dance whenever she won a few tickets at a game which shows she has some competitive juices flowing in her veins. It is funny, lately Sophie and Molly have been super competitive. Molly will quickly eat and point out to us that she beat Sophie. Then, without warning Sophie will run upstairs, mid-bite mind you, to throw on her jammies so she can beat Molly at getting ready for bed.
Below was my favorite picture of the night.
With all the tickets that we won from the night of games, we bought some Laffy Taffy, Tootsie Rolls and stickers. It's amazing how a little counter with some average treats and prizes makes you want to earn some thing better by going back and spending more money on games rather than just going to a store and buying a huge bag of treats or toys with the same money you spent on earning your tickets. Oh well, it was a night of fun for our favorite 6 year old.

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