Nixon 10-11 Months

Nixon is 11 months! During the past month he...
  • settles down when he hears my voice on the baby monitor. It's the best. I can just talk to him and he'll lie down and go to back sleep. It doesn't work every time, but enough that it's surprising.
  • got two more teeth. One on each side of his front two teeth.
  • likes to color. He'll pick up crayons or pens and try to color.
  • has started to stand all by himself. He'll balance for awhile and then slowing lower himself to his knees when he realizes what he's doing. He'll stand longer if he's distracted playing with something.
  • stopped wearing his helmet. The doctor said to take it off!
  • babbles a lot and sometimes says no, da da, or ma ma, but we're not totally sure if it just babbling or if he's saying real words. 
  • has started to point at things.
  • likes to shake his head fast from left to right.
  • likes to push around toys or roll balls. One day he even started putting a toy football behind his head and into the hood of his clothes, then shook it out, and put in back in his hood again.
  • likes to explore the trash and cupboards. He especially likes to play with the toilet cleaning brush if he's sneaky enough to get to it without us seeing.
  • gives the best cheesy, toothy grins.

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