Nixon's Head- 4 Months in Helmet

This boy graduated out of his helmet today! 
Mostly by default, since his head barely grew at all the past 2 months. So when head growth stops, a helmet doesn't help much. The doctor said he's done and he can take it off. 
From Nixon's first month measurement to today, his percentage decreased by about 6.5%. The doctor likes to see about a 7% decrease so he was about half a percent away. And his head shape is almost to the normal head shape range. Just barely off.
It's crazy to say, but I kind of want to keep the helmet on awhile longer. He's so stinking cute in it for one, and with all his cruising, crawling, and playing, a helmet is awesome for hits to the head...
But I'm going to love more surface area to kiss! And I'm not going to miss how his head smells like old gym socks.

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