November 2016 Happenings

The first day of November was Nixon's 9 month doctor's appointment. I thought it was also a convenient time for all of us to get a flu shots. I can tell you now that I had no idea what chaos would ensue. If I had known I would definitely taken Rob with me. Once it was time for shots, I went first, since no one else would. It was nothing... I didn't even feel a thing. Nixon went next and cried like a baby. Next was one of the girls. At this point they were both hysterically crying. I had to set a crying Nixon down to get ahold of one of the girls for their turn. Molly had hidden under some chairs and I was able to grab Sophie and wrestle her down while she got a shot. Once she was done she stopped crying and started yelling at the top of her lungs, over the cries from Molly and Nixon, "It's okay! Stop crying!" Molly was last. I had to move the chairs to get to her and I realized I can barely lift her anymore. It took a few tries to get her up on the table for the shot. 
The whole experience was complete chaos and the only thing I could do was laugh. 
This picture was taken after the shots and after the nurses brought the girls treats for being 'brave'. Nixon was the last one to get over it.
We stopped by the new Nordstrom's Rack location on the way home. I let the girls look at all the toy there extra long.
Molly had Red Ribben Week at school. Each day they did something different. Monday was halloween and they wore their costumes. Tuesday was pajama day, Wednesday crazy hair day,
Thursday was dress like you're a hundred years old, and Friday was wear your school shirt.

Nixon doesn't fall asleep in my arms much anymore. But he did this day and I loved it.

We hiked Bridal Veil Falls and played and Nunns park.
Veterans Day.

I popped some sorghum one night. I burnt the first two batches, one on the stove top and the other in the microwave. I thought maybe an air popper would be a good idea. It was not a good idea! They were too light and flew everywhere so I resorted back to the microwave and got a better result my second time around. If you're wondering, it tastes just like popcorn, just doll sized. It was a lot of work for 2 tablespoons of popped sorghum. 

We went to the last BYU women's volleyball game of the season. It was a lot of fun! The girls yelled and danced and made it onto the Jumbotron 4 times. Nixon loved bouncing to the music and smiling at all the faces behind us.

Just put Nixon in a shower with his toothbrush and he's an extra happy baby.

Nixon posing for shots of his head without the helmet.

Sophie, Nixon, and I drove up to Kamas one morning to dip chocolates with my mom. Molly stayed behind with a friend so that she could go to school that day. She had a fun time with Conner.

Such a familiar site. Every year since I can remember my mom has dipped chocolates. This year I wanted to dip with her. We dipped mine first and then I helped her stuff fondant with cherries to dip before I had to head home to be back before Molly got home from school.

Sophie's starting to ride Molly's old balance bike. She's already picking up on it faster than Molly ever did, but it might be because she's seen how to ride it from watching Molly.

We took Sophie to Thanksgiving point's children's museum the day before her Sunday birthday.

Sophie celebrated her 4th birthday! After church we drove to a family event in WY and Sophie shared her big rainbow cake with everyone.

Nixon is getting into everything! 

We went to Molly's reflections night. She received an honorable mention for art and won first place in film.

The power went out one stormy evening for a good 1 1/2 hours.

We put in an offer on a 104 year old house...

There were some beautiful November sunsets that ranked up there with the sunsets we enjoyed in Tucson.

Sophie learned about pilgrims at preschool and made this cute little pilgrim hat.

***Warning, gross pictures below. Skip them if they make you squeamish!***

This house got hit hard with sicknesses this month. Sophie has been complaining of a stomach ache for most of the month. Then we all got colds. Both Molly and Nixon developed ear infections from them and then a few days later Molly woke up at 2 am one morning and threw up all over the bathroom floor.
A couple nights later Sophie threw up in bed. It must not have phased her because she just went right back to sleep with throw up all over her and her bedding. I happened to find her just before I turned into bed myself. Rob couldn't stomach helping clean up Molly's mess and he was luckily playing basketball when Sophie lost her lunch and dinner. So I was the lucky one to clean up both. Then a few days later I got the stomach flu. It was Sunday. I was able to find a sub for music time in primary and me, Sophie, and Nixon stayed home. I was pretty sick and had to have Rob come home after sacrament meeting to help take care Nixon because I was so sick.
On Thanksgiving we almost decided to stay home. We didn't want to spread any sickness on to family, but in the end felt like Sophie was okay to go. So we drove 2 hours out to Rosevelt.

Thanksgiving dinner. My contribution was a sweet potato casserole and an apple pie.

Black Friday we bought a fridge for the new house... and the kids loved riding in this beast of a cart around a crowded store.

Nixon's a mama's boy and so Rob pulls out all sorts of tricks when he's with him. Besides watching home videos, Nixon likes taking selfies with Dad.

Nixon is climbing. He climbs stairs and even this little step stool in the pantry.

We took Molly out to dinner for her birthday a day early. She picked to go to Chuck e Cheese's.

The last day of November we celebrated Molly's 6th birthday

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  1. Wow! I'm a stinky friend! I had no idea that you guys were all sick! That sounds miserable. :(