Our First House: The Old Church and School House

We bought a house. And we love it. Well, I love it ... and Heather likes it, I think. I have seen home ownership as one of many rites of passage in any semi-normal adult life and a goal of mine for as long as I can remember. Graduate high school - check. Serve a mission - check. Get married - check. Have kids - check. Get a degree - check and then check again. It is a little ironic that I use a check to signify the completion of these goals because many checks were written for their eventual accomplishment. The one thing that I hadn't accomplished is owning land, the American Dream, our white picket fence to protect us from the dark and dreary world. Owning a home shouldn't be that big of a deal, as plenty of people own one, but it was to me. And writing this gives closure on one chapter of our lives and opens a new and exciting one.
The story of how we came about buying our house couldn't have been much different than others who have bought houses before us. There are uniquenesses to our story, like any good story, that germinated from a variety of different sources, including from our love of the show Fixer Upper, the constant devouring of listings on Zillow and Redfin, and the incessant badgering of Heather to look at this listing. Finally, one came up that she liked. It was close to work and had beautiful views of Timp. We even went out to see it and decided it was worth exploring. But was our cliched, "One that got away" house. It already had an offer and was most likely off the market, even though it hadn't closed yet. It would have taken a lot to fix up and we were such novices at the home buying thing, that we started asking around of what we needed to do to buy a house.
We ended up seeing how much we could get pre-qualified for. (One side note: it's crazy how much anyone can get pre-qualified for these days. I mean - don't get me wrong - we had really good credit, no debt, and a good job, but the amount of home we could buy was so high compared to what I thought we could afford, it was silly.)
We got pre-qualified on a Friday morning and on Friday afternoon, the schoolhouse came on the market. I showed Heather the pics and I knew it would be a contender. We called up the home owner and scheduled a time to see the house. The next day, he walked us through the house. We loved the original floors, pitched roof, big windows, and old school charm. The owner told us how it had once been the relief society building of the 3rd Ward and also a school house. He also told us of the care and craftsmanship they took in the renovation. Not everything was how we would have done it, but we liked a lot of what was done.
He told us that he had seen a lot of interest on the home and we decided that we wanted to put in a offer. That night he had received 3 offers on the home after being a day on the market. Since we hadn't signed with an agent and we knew it would help our cause, we ended up signing with the seller. He ended up having an offer that was $10k higher than ours but with some contingencies that didn't work with his timeline, so our offer was accepted.
We ended up closing on December 19th. We decided to wait until after Christmas to make the move into our new home. This also gave us some time to do a few projects before we moved in, and bring over belongings a little at a time. The big move happened December 30th, which was 2 years minus one day that we moved into the townhouse. Somehow the dead of winter has become good time for us to move.
Heather took a few pictures of the house before we moved. It's a 4 bedroom 2.5 bathroom. All the rooms are pretty small and has an unfinished basement. There is about 1300 sq. feet living space and is 2000 sq. feet total.
Come on in!
Living room.
Eating nook.
One of 3 bathrooms.
Master bedroom.
Master bath.
Hallway and girls room.

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  1. We are so sad that you guys moved! But really happy for you too. :) can't wait to see the house in person!