Quilts for Christmas

For the past 3 years I've made my kids a gift for Christmas. The first year it was dollhouses, the second year I braved quiet books, and the third year Rob talked me into making them a playmat. This year was my first year making a gift for 3 children. I decided to keep it uncomplicated (but not less work) by sewing them each a quilt. I've made these triangle quilts before, but have always given them away as baby gifts so I was excited for each of my kids to have one of their own.
I started the project back in September, took a long break in November, mostly because November gets overwhelming with the girls birthdays, and really buckled down sewing mid-December. I finished a couple days before Christmas. The girls knew I was sewing a quilt for Nixon and not to tell him, but Molly eventually realized I was making more than one so I had to trick her an tell her I was making them for someone else. She kept saying, "I wish I could have this quilt!" That made me extra excited to give her one on Christmas day!
Nixon's quilt:
For Molly and Sophie I made these cute black, white, and pink quilts.
Just after I laid out triangle arrangements for one if the girls quilts, which took just over an hour to arrange the 150+ tirangles, there was a big mishap. I gathered them up all in order so I could sew them together the next morning, but forgot to take them upstairs to my sewing machine.  The next morning Sophie knocked them off the table and they went all over the floor.  I wasn't there to see it and she and Molly gathered them all up. When I took them upstairs and sat down to sew, I realized they were out of order. Then Sophie confessed and said,  "it's OK mom they fell but we cleaned them all up!" I wanted to cry! I had to try to put them back in order. Despite my efforts, some were still mixed up, which I realized after I'd sewn them together. I decided not to unpick several of them and just let them stay where they were sewn.

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