Sophie's Preschool Christmas Concert

Sophie had her preschool Christmas concert last Thursday. It was the best! She sang loud and with such enthusiasm (a phrase or two behind) it made me laugh the whole way through. Her personality really shines though... a couple times mid-song she told the other kids, "Guys! We sing loud!" and "Guys, sing louder!"

Rob couldn't be there, but when I told him he was going to die when we watched it he asked me if it was Sophie's "Mother's Day" moment. I told him it sure was. So for those of you who don't know what Rob's referring to you can read about that here. And there certainly was a weird mixture of emotions (pride, laughter, embarrassment, delight) for me as I watched Sophie preform.

The video is a little on the longer side, but it worth watching the whole way though!

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