Christmas 2016

This Christmas we stayed home and had our own Christmas. 
My sister Jen was going to go to my parents house, but there were snow storms which would make it hard for her to get there and back so we invited her to our house instead. Rob picked her up Christmas Eve just before dinner. We had ham, cheesy potatoes, Christmas salad, rolls, and sparkling cider to drink. 
After dinner we drove around town looking at Christmas lights. When we returned, we sent the girls to bed and I decided to make our Christmas breakfast that night so I wasn't making it the next day. We usually have rice pudding (a Swedish tradition) and some type of sweet rolls for breakfast whenever we are not away for Christmas.
Christmas morning the kids slept in and so we didn't start until about a quarter after 8am.
Molly's big gift this year was a Hello Kitty bicycle. She was so happy and excited. Sophie's big gift was Tegu Magnetic Blocks, and Nixon got a Rody. Plus all the kids received a quilt I made for each of them. That was also a big gift!
After opening several gifts we had breakfast. Rick pudding and orange rolls.
After breakfast we got ready for church. I really liked having Christmas on Sunday because we got to go worship and it made Christmas feel more Christ centered. For Sacrament the kids sang as part of a musical program. I'm the music leader so we've been practicing for our musical number for over a month. We started with a little talk given by Molly and Sophie and then all the kids sang a medley of When Joseph went to Bethlehem, Away in a Manger, and Silent night. The kids did great!
When we came home from church we ate leftovers from the night before and then opened a few more gifts... including this fun game, Pie Face, from Rob's sister. The kids loved playing it all afternoon.
Rob and I didn't exchange gifts this year, since we bought a house! We did purchase a Roomba iRobot and a Blendtec on Cyber Monday which we considered our gifts.
In the evening we reenacted Christ's birth story before the kids went down to bed. It was a fun Christmas!

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  1. Hahaha! I love Molly's reaction when the whipped cream hit her face. :)