January Happenings 2017

January was filled with trips to the doctors office and unpacking! Really, taking care of sick children and putting our new house in order was pretty much all I did this month.
Our first sick child this month was Sophie. One morning she developed a fever. I kept her home from preschool and she lounged around on the couch for most of the day. It wasn't until about 6 pm I started to notice that her breathing was getting labored and that worried me. We called into our doctor and they recommend we take her to the ER. She was also complaining of more stomach aches. I didn't know if her stomach ache, fever, and rapid breathing were a combination of something or separate. At about 6:30pm we headed to the ER. 
I kept feeling like maybe we were overreacting and that we should just go to the urgent care center first, and we almost turned around and left, but we'd waited long enough and it was almost our turn to talk to someone so we stayed. Rob read Sophie this Pooh Gets Stuck book and couldn't stop laughing the whole way through.
After Rob took Molly and Nixon home and a long wait, the doctor was finally able to see Sophie. He was concerned about her labored breathing and said that she had a virus and asthma. He said that either she has asthma and the virus was making it worse or that the virus was causing her to have asthma. They had to give her two breathing treatments.
Sophie did not like the breathing treatments. At first they just wanted to but an oxygen mask on with the medicine coming through, but she was not going to let them. She kept taking it off. Finally we gave her a choice between the mask and the tube and she picked the tube. We had to wait for a couple hours to see how it kicked in and then repeated the process again.
We were discharged at about 1:30 am.
While cleaning out the townhouse, there were tons of little black birds flying around. They were beautiful to watch as they all flew in sync. 
A day or two after Sophie's ER visit she was having really bad stomach aches again so we visited the doctor to figure out the next step. They repeated a few blood tests, which meant she had to give blood again! This time (the 3rd time) she didn't even cry! I was amazed! She was referred to a gastroenterologist.
Molly and Sophie made a castle... not a fort. They decorated it and dressed up fancy. They complained that Nixon kept "ruining their decorations".
Rob went on a business trip to San Jose, CA. The kids loved getting these pictures he sent from the plane.
Nixon is in love with our stairs! We spent a while teaching him how to go down them backwards. He has no problem going up them. He's taken a couple tumbles, but we feel a bit more comfortable now that he can get down them relatively safely.

Our three kids in the tub. I have a love hate relationship with bath time. I love watching my kids play in the tub. I hate washing, shampooing, drying, lotion, and blow drying. It's so much work. My back especially hates all the bending over.

We have a 30 minute gap between dropping Molly off for school and Sophie off for preschool a couple times a week. When I have no quick errands to run, we go to the library and read a few books to kill time.
Molly and Nixon developed an ear infection a day apart. So we went in for Nixon one day and that night Molly complained of an ear ache so it was back to the doctors office the next day. Rob was still out of town on his business trip so it was exhausting on me running back and forth in the snow storms and being up a lot of the night with Nixon who was hurting.
Rob returned from his trip, yay, and we went to our local fitness center's health fair on Saturday. It was a free day at the center and we took the kids swimming. At the last minute I didn't really feel like swimming so Rob got to do triple duty. Rob said I tricked him. Ha ha. The kids loved it and Sophie's butterfly didn't survive the pool.

Found the girls playing/hiding in this cupboard one Sunday afternoon.

On MLK day we took the kids to Kangaroo Zoo. It was fun for the girls, but I felt it was way overpriced... even with our coupon.
They had a "baby section" that consisted of two unusable, smashed fabric tunnels and this thing-a-ma-gigger toy. It was pathetic. I complained on a comment card. 
In the middle of clearing up Nixon's ear infection he came down with something. He didn't look good and I was concerned, so it was back to the doctor's office. Turned out he had the flu. Strain A. 
He looked so miserable eating lunch that day!
I was taking a picture in my room one day and Sophie came in and wanted me to take some pictures of her. I was thrilled. Plus, Grandma Powell asked her once if her mom took lots of pictures. She confidently said no. That made me happy that I'm not overdoing it.
Nixon practicing his stair decent.
I found this photo on my phone. Molly is already taking selfies. She was really loving her outfit that day.
Sophie was invited to a dance class one afternoon. It was a bring-your -friend day. She really loved it. 
Nixon turned one and we celebrated his birthday.
Sophie got her feelings hurt that morning and Molly joined her on her plasma car to offer comfort. It was a sweet moment. I'm lucky I had my camera in my hand right then.

I spent hours scrubbing the grout and tile so that it was clean enough that I could seal it. Such a big job! Over the course of a few days I did the downstairs bathroom, the eating nook, and the master bathroom. I still need to do the shower tile and the kids half bath. I'm so over it, but I think it'll be worth it!
Rob took the kids to a movie one Saturday afternoon while I was scrubbing the tile in the eating noon.
Nixon crawled all over the theater. He was pretty disgusting when he got home.

I took a few pictures for Nixon's 12 month post
We had a bunch of birds hanging out outside our house. We all enjoyed watching them.
Molly gave a talk in Primary the last Sunday in January. It was pretty cute. Her topic was 'Christ created the earth for me to learn to choose the right'. The song they were learning that month in primary fit perfectly into her talk. I was going to have her say the first verse and she told me she didn't want to say it she wanted to sing it. So I printed off the flip chart I created (I put together a flip chart for the kids in our last ward. I didn't know we would be moving before I got a chance to use it) for the song As a Child of God and she sang it in her talk. It was great. I loved how it captivated all the kids attention and the surprised reaction from the chorister and pianist.  

This is a collage of the flip chart I made for Primary:
Rob and I also received callings in our new ward. Rob was called as the Elder's Quorum 2nd counselor and I was called as a Relief Society teacher.  


  1. That's so lame that your kids were sick so much last month. :(

    Molly did a great job on her talk!

    Relief society teacher?! How do you feel about that? :)

    1. It's a little terrifying. I'm not so confident verbally expressing myself and making deep connections. I think I'll take some time before I feel comfortable teaching.