Nixon 11-12 Months

Nixon is 12 months! He's learned some big skills this past month, like how to turn around and slide off the bed and how to go down the stairs backwards. He took a tumble or two from the bed and on the stairs so we really made sure to practice how to do it the right way. We now have a little peace of mind. Some other things Nixon learned this month...

  • he says 'dada' 
  • he can stand all by himself
  • he's taken a few steps, but prefers to lower himself to the ground and crawl when he wants to go somewhere
  • he likes to drop things over and over again just to watch them fall
  • he likes to pretend to 'give you something'  but doesn't really ever let go of the item
  • he bites much more than he ever did. He bites when he nurses, he bites clothes, legs, arms, spoons when you're feeding him... you name it, he wants to bite it. 
  • waves bye bye
  • smacks himself on the head (some child at the library wacked him on the head one day at story time and he's been hitting himself ever since)
  • signs more and milk
  • loves to read books
6 teeth
Weight: 18lbs 14 oz (15%)
Height: 29 in (20 %)
Head Cir: 17in (0%)

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