Nixon Turns One

Nixon turned one (Thursday Jan 26th)! How it happened that he got so big, I just don't know! It didn't seem that long ago that we were meeting for the first time and cuddling in the hospital. But here we are celebrating this first year of life. What a joy he has brought to our lives and our family! We are all so smitten with him and it doesn't hurt that he always has a smile on his face :)
For his big day I wanted to keep it pretty low key so I could spend some quality time with him and he wouldn't have to get in the dreaded carseat anymore than necessary. I let him hang our in the bathtub, a favorite pastime of his, read him lots of books, and made sure he got both his morning and afternoon naps.
I didn't want to spend the day baking so I bought a little bundt cake for him and a couple more so the girls wouldn't feel bad.
For his birthday he got a rocking elephant, a couple bath toys, and a book.
He loved his cake!

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  1. I really can't believe that he is one already! So bittersweet.