Presidents Day 2017

For President's Day my sister Tiffany invited us up to her house. Our plan was to leave just after church on Sunday (since I had to teach in R.S.). While sitting in Sacrament Rob checked his phone then passed it to me. There was a message from Tiffany saying not to come up to her house anymore. They had a major mudslide and they had to evacuate. She said that they were all okay. 
Since we were all packed and ready to go we called my brother Wade and asked if they'd like last minute visitors. They said sure and we headed up to Logan. We spent the evening and the next morning with them. 
The kids loved spending time with their cousins.
Elle put makeup on the girls and they were in heaven!
At noon we went out to lunch at Waffle Iron and then headed over to Tiffany's for the afternoon. They were staying in their neighbors guest house above the garage. So we were able to see them and the aftermath of the landslide.
The displaced mud was about 10 feet high and it took about 600 loads and the whole night to remove it.
You can watch a news clip here to see more. It's at the very end of the clip.
On our drive home we stopped by to visit Rob's brother Rich. It was his birthday. We left the girls at his place with the cousins and went to Texas Roadhouse for dinner with Rich and Natalie.


  1. So crazy! Is that your sister's house?!?! Did they have any damage?

    1. Yes, it is. They didn't have much damage to the house from the landslide, but I found out that they've had terrible flooding since.