Valentines 2017

There was a lot of excitement at our house for Valentines Day. The kids and Rob woke up to a special treat from me. 
Rob made us all pancakes and also surprised me with this candy bar letter on my desk.
Both Molly and Sophie had school. They took their valentines and a special treat for their teachers. It was a fun school day for the both of them!
It was also Molly's last day at her elementary. I didn't transfer her when we moved and have been driving her to school everyday. I thought of just letting her finish out the school year, but she has been asking to go to the new school and so I'm taking her cues. I registered her and decided we'd wait till after Valentines before she transferred (It turned out the be the best timing!) 
We've loved Molly's teacher so much and will miss her!
After school, the girls delivered a few valentines to some of their new friends.

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