February Happenings

We made it through February! We definitely weren't as sick as last month, yay, and faired much better than many of our family members. (My brother Jon was in the hospital for most of February, my mom spent most of the month on her family room chair with a broken leg, and my sister had a mudslide and a flooded basement!) 

Our month went as follows:
The girls playing by the window always makes for great photos.

Nixon had his 12 month appointment. He was in the 15% for weight (18 lbs.), 20% for height (29 in.), and 0% for head circumference (17in). 

The girls are always trying to block Nixon from messing up their playing plans. He made it past Sophie, but not past Molly.

We drove up to visit my mom. Her broken leg doesn't let her get around much. She's spending most of her days and her nights on this reclining chair in the family room.

The next day we drove up to SLC to visit my brother Jon in the Neuropsychiatric Hospital. We played charades with him and the girls, and just before leaving my other brother Wade showed up with his kids. So we stayed a little longer. Then we drove home and had Rob's brother Brent over for dinner and the Superbowl.

I finally got a remote for my "newer" camera, which is over a year old now, so I can be in the frame with my family much easier now. 

We discovered ants in our house! We started seeing them in the office, then in the master bathroom. I bought some ant baits and caulked the floorboards. That helped a little until they found their way to the other side of the house in our bedroom. At that point we called an exterminator. He sprayed one day and a few days later they had spread to our kitchen and eating nook! Then he came back and sprayed again all over the house inside and out and we've only seen a few here and there since. Hooray! Later we found out our next door neighbors are dealing with the same problem.

Sophie decided to leave her mark on our new fridge! She'd done the same thing to our last fridge! Grrr.

Nixon and Sophie got to play at our old playground for a bit since we were early for preschool one day.

Valentines Day was a big day at our house. Molly picked to give out ring pops again this year and so Sophie got to do them too. Our printer was almost out of ink so we hand wrote the notes that went with the pops. It was a full morning of prep the day before.
The kids had a great Valentines Day.
That day was also Molly's last day at school. She transferred to her new school the next day. It was a perfect day for a last day. Her class had a party and all the kids wrote her a goodbye note.
I especially liked this note.
(Molly I love you because you are the best friend. I am about to cry. I am going to miss you. Love Korvin) 

Nixon discovered the dishwasher is fun to play in. See more dishwasher mischief here.

Molly entertaining herself one morning.

Molly's first day at her new school.

While I spent a few hours working in the backyard one day the girls decided to have a lemonade stand. They did everything themselves. I finally had to go inside to feed and put Nixon down for a nap and I could hear them yelling, "Lemonade. One dollar. At the little white house." They spent a good amount of time out there and finally they saw one person walking toward them on the sidewalk which only made them yell louder. Once she got to our house Sophie asked her if she wanted to buy some lemonade and she told them she didn't have any money with her. Then about 1 minute later I heard Molly yell, "Lemonade. One dollar. Or free! At the little white house." Free didn't bring her back.

We celebrated Rob's birthday. He requested sushi for dinner. This was the only time the girls both wanted to sit by him during dinner. Usually they fight over who gets to sit by me. It was great for everyone!
For his birthday, Rob got a couple of sweaters, a Sonicare electric toothbrush, and some windshield de-icer.

I got on my phone one afternoon to find someone had taken a whole bunch of pictures. When I asked Sophie if it was her she completely denied it and kept blaming Nixon 

Sophie asked to drink some pickle juice one afternoon. She was also wearing a fancy dress. 

We had passes to Thanksgiving point one weekend. Rob took the girls to the Dinosaur Museum during the day while I stayed home with Nixon and prepared for my R.S. lesson the next day. That evening we all went to the Children's Museum and happened to run into Rob's brother Scott. So it was fun hanging out with them and the kids were super excited to play with cousins.

My sister Tiffany invited us up to her house for President's Day. We planned to leave right after church on Sunday, but got a text from her in sacrament meeting saying not to come anymore because they had a couple big mud slides and it wasn't safe there. They had to evacuate. The mud came right up to their house, but not into the house. They also discovered a big sink hole in the backyard. The mud was about 8 feet tall and took the whole afternoon/night and about 500 truck loads to clear.

Since we were all packed and ready to leave we decided to call and ask my brother Wade if they wanted any last minute visitors. They said sure and we headed up to Logan for the night and part of the next day. 

When we came home there were ants everywhere! Here's just one trail of them.

One night I was about to reach up into my lamp to turn it off when I saw this creature.
It looked more ominous from the outside, but it was still a creepy bug either way. (Does any one know what kind of but this is?)

One of my visiting teachers has a daughter on the BYU gymnastic team and gave us free tickets to a meet. We'd never been to a gymnastic meet before and it was a lot of fun.

Nixon was super curious and also terrified of Cosmo the cougar.

Not sure what she was going for, but this was a selfie I found of Molly on my phone.

I'm pretty sure this is Rob trying to distract Nixon with selfies so that he'll say near and cuddle with him.

Molly wrote this journal entry. (I am going to Aunt Tiffany's. I am excited. I can't wait any second,)

The last Sunday in February we thought last minute we should invite someone in the ward over for dinner after church... so we could get to know them better. We invited our neighbors and they already had plans, then we invited another family. After extending the invitation I called my sister Tiffany. I'd had found out they had more tragic events at their house just a couple days earlier, but she was too emotional to talk about it. When I called she told me how during the night 2 of their 3 sub-pumps tripped an outlet and had stopped pumping water away from their house. They had one working, but it wasn't enough to handle the record amounts of water their city had been having and their basement flooded (about 10 in). On top of that their septic tank filled up with water and had come back up the pipes and was flowing out on to their main floor and raining into their basement. They had to get all their things up and out of the basement, then rip up all the carpet, flooring, and baseboards. Subsequently, they decided with the mountain continuing to come down and the flooding that they should just pack up their house and move out. So I knew they needed help. It worked out the friends we invited over for dinner couldn't come and it felt like a sign that we were needed else where. We quickly got ready and packed up and headed up to her place to help. Our plan was to go to their church and then I'd leave after Sacrament with Tiffany while both of our family's finished church. Tiffany and I would start to work on things at the house. We got there shortly after church started. It also happened that they'd asked Tiffany's husband Doug to speak in Sacrament and teach in young men's! Just before the meeting ended I headed to the mother's lounge to feed Nixon and it was like a scene out of The Three Little Bears. I first sat in that white chair below and it was to cold. Then I tried the blue one and it was too hard, so I moved onto the red one and it was just right.

Below is a picture of Tiffany's house... all boarded up.
Her basement...

The mountain that continues to fall down.

This is all their things from the living room and everything they could quickly grab and stash from the basement. Tiffany and I spent most of Sunday afternoon and evening packing. We took a break for dinner and our families were invited over to some of their friends. It was delicious and so convenient. On Monday Rob stayed at the guest they're living in with all the kids and me and Tiffany headed back and packed all day. 

We brought her youngest son back to our house for a few days so I'd be easier for them to get things done. We loved having him! The girls really enjoyed having another playmate.

Nixon started walking this month!

We fit all 4 kids in the bathtub one night.

I decided to build a couple shelves in our office closet. I thought it would be an easy project, but of course I alway underestimate how long and how easy things will be. But in the end it all worked out and now it works so much better. I forgot to get a photo before I started... if I did you would have seen our black printer sitting sideways on that plastic container and a bunch of other things shoved in there. But I remembered to snap a shot just after I started the first row. You get the picture.

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  1. So many things to comment on!
    1. Sophie blaming those pictures that she took on Nixon. Hahaha
    2. Ants! One thing that we have had success with in the past (when we were living in DC for a summer) is dishsoap water. Fill a spray bottle with soapy water. Spray the soapy water where the ants are coming in. It kills them and also kills the scent trail. I don't know if it will always work, but it worked for us. :)
    3. Your sister's house. :( so devastating. :(