March Happenings 2017

March is over! We started the month watching my nephew for a few days while my sister worked on packing up their house. He was fun to have, but when it was time for bed he'd really start missing his family. The first night I had to cuddle with him until he finally fell asleep.
Nixon getting tickled.

I revamped our little swing set. It was a faded pink color with broken swing seats. I took a can of spray paint to it and bought new swings for it. I forgot to get a before picture, but below you can see the faded pink on the right and the yucky swings.
I even got a baby swing for Nixon.

My view as I came down stairs one morning.

One night we sent Sophie upstairs to brush her teeth and she came running and screaming downstairs saying there was a grasshopper on her toothbrush. We went up to investigate and sure enough there was a bug, that jumps, on the kids toothbrushes!

Nixon perched at his favorite place in the kitchen.

The kids had a cleaning and check up at the dentist, and Molly came home with a pulled tooth.

We went to Rob's work for breakfast one morning and while we waited in line for our food Sophie entertained herself by taking pictures and selfies on my phone.

We stayed after school one afternoon and played on the playground. We watched as they were setting up for a lacrosse game and I chatted with a very social girl with downs syndrome. She was super cute.

Sophie woke up early and ate breakfast alone.

We tried out a new restaurant called 5 Star BBQ. We really liked it. 

Rob and I went on a date and hiked to a suspended bridge. After, we ate at Even Stevens.

We went to another gymnastics meet at BYU. Rob and the kids hung out on the track a lot. Molly took this picture and when someone offered to take it for her so she could put a cone on her head and be in the picture, she said, "no thanks, the cones are dirty." She must have gotten that from her mom because I would of thought the same thing.  

I found a whole bunch of fire bugs in our garage window one afternoon and went to work spaying and killing them. They are all over the place here where we live. 

Nixon's all boy and climbing on anything he can.

I made chia seed pudding one morning.

We had a campfire dinner with friends out at Utah Lake.

We went to Home Depot one Saturday afternoon to buy a lawn mower. Nixon couldn't get enough of climbing all over the riding lawn mowers. I took him away once and he thew a fit until I let him go back.

Nixon is also really into playing in the dirt and leaves. I have a feeling he'll be dirty every day this summer.

The girls taking pictures of me taking pictures of them :)

We had Rob's brother Brent over for dinner one Sunday evening and took a walk after.

We had lot of rainy weather lately and Sophie asked if she could puddle jump

Molly's school celebrated their 50th year anniversary. We went to an open house one evening and walked around and ate cake.

We've gone to a few of Rob's church basketball games this past month. It was cute watching Molly and Nixon's silhouettes walk down the dark hallway to the gym. The kids love playing on the stage with all the other kids. And it's fun for me to watch Rob play.

Molly begs to fall asleep on our bed just about every night. One night we found her with my sleeping mask on and the lights all on.

We went back to 5 Star BBQ one Saturday.
After lunch we to BYU's Spring Training. It was pouring rain.
We made it to our seats and as soon and I sat down with Nixon on my lap I knew me and him wouldn't be staying long. He wanted down and wanted to explore and that was not going to happen in the rain. I went back to the car with him and we drove to the Bean Museum. 
By the time we got there and put our parking pass in the car Rob was calling me saying they were done. It was too rainy. So I drove down to pick them up and we headed back to the museum to explore.

Molly sleeping with my sleeping mask again.

The kids exploring the backyard one morning in their jammies.

The kids cuddling with Rob one Sunday morning.

That same Sunday we drove up to the State Capitol to see the tree blossoms and have a picnic lunch before church. We also took family pictures really quick. Rob snapped this of me trying to get pictures of the kids.

We went to Molly's skate night at Classic Skating one Monday evening. 
The kids weren't too sure about skating and at one point were both sobbing. By the end they enjoyed it and Molly wanted to skate more. I also took Nixon around with my baby carrier and he loved it, but he mostly sat with friends from our ward who offered to hold him.

I decided to make an outdoor chalkboard for the kids and...
also bought a lot of supplies to make 4 raised garden beds.
I finished the chalk board and one of the garden beds. Then it got cold and rainy so I'm taking a break.
We hung the chalk board on the back of the garage.

We had the exterminator back to spray for more ants. Then a few day later I found this rinsed off ice cream lid on the ground one morning and it was covered with ants. There were also lots of ant in my closet, on my clothes and all! So I filled a tiny hole with caulk that they were coming in from the office into the kitchen and I pulled everything out of my closet and caulked the floor boards in there too. It's been helping.

We were invited to a fun little pizza party and enjoyed hanging out with friends.

That same night we went to our niece Bella's birthday party. It was fairy themed. I help make a bunch of the fairy crowns while we were there.

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  1. That's so lame about the ants and other bugs! And that back yard chalk board is awesome! I am jealous that you will get to have a garden this year. :)