Molly Gets a Tooth Pulled

Molly came to me a few days ago and said she was growing a tooth behind a tooth. She opened up and there it was poking up right behind her other one. The dentist did mention that might happen at her last appointment. We had a dentist appointment scheduled the next day. 
The girls did great at the dentist, and no cavities!  The dentist said that Molly needed to start really wiggling her tooth to try to get it out, but most likely it'd need to be pulled. I didn't want to have to go back in a week so I asked if he could just pull it out. Molly was super nervous, probable because her last tooth hurt when it came out. It took a bit of convincing and a movie to get her to allow him too. They gave her some laughing gas and numbed her mouth. She said it didn't hurt a bit.
Once home, she put her tooth in our tooth box and requested I make a quick dinner so that she go to bed earlier.
The tooth fairy stopped by for her tooth and left her $2 and a little letter.


  1. So crazy that this happened to Molly too! This happened to Landon and to Lia. :)

    1. When Molly's second tooth popped up behind the other, my first thought was that this was what happened to Landon. I didn't know Lia did too.