Nixon 13-14 Months

Nixon is 14 months! Some things Nixon started doing this past month...
  • likes to fold in half like a triangle and put his head on the ground (as if he's about to do a somersault)
  • he's walking quite well, and sometimes he tries to "run"
  • he's been getting 4 molars in, plus two bottom teeth that sandwich the middle two he already had
  • he gabbers like he knows exactly what he's saying
  • he learned to say 'ball', 'Mama' and tries to say 'thank you'
  • he throws a fit when it's nap time. Now that he knows the drill he protests, but in the end always sleeps
  • he loves to play with cars and balls
  • he gives kisses, but is stingy about giving them out. Sometimes he'll bat you away if he's not feeling it
  • shakes his head no when he doesn't want something
  • loves to climb on anything he can... couch, beds, desks, stools, etc.
  • still nursing and occasionally signs the word milk
  • loves to explore outside and play with dirt and leaves
  • still loves to splash is the bath

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