April 2017 Happenings

We started April off with General Conference and our second conference in a row of orange rolls.

We had Spring Break. For the first part of the break we hung out at home and with friends. On Monday my friend Jennie invited us over for a "trip to France". The girls got mustaches and hats and did all sorts of activities. We built the Eiffel Tower out of legos, made sculptures with play-dough, rode on bikes like the Tour de France, then ate crepes for lunch. The kids had a blast.

On Wednesday we visited the Museum of Paleontology at BYU with our friends. Surprisingly, this was our first visit here. It was a fun little place (and a month later Molly has requested we go back soon). After the museum we went to the newly remodeled Orem park for a picnic lunch and to play. It was pretty packed there and I spent most of my time either looking for Nixon's shoes that kept falling off or for one of my children who I couldn't locate among the masses.

On Thursday we headed south for our spring break vacation. Our first stop was Arches.

Day two we stopped at The Edge of the Cedars and...
...twin rocks where we ate lunch.
Then we headed to Bluff Fort,
and Monument Valley.

Our second night on vacation Sophie said our evening prayer and the way she was kneeling and holding her hands together was so cute I couldn't resist taking a picture.

Day three we drove out and hiked around Hovenweep.
Sophie was pretty tired after the 2 hour hike.
From there we drove down to Four Corners. 
After we spent the rest of the day driving home.

I spent most of the month outside weeding, digging, building planter boxes, moving rocks, and weeding some more. Below is the before and after of our garden area.
This is three quarters of the way weeded and you can see the planter boxes I made... and cute little Nixon waving hi :)

Some of our friends came over one morning to play. We played in the backyard and had lunch.

Sophie and Rob snuggled together sleeping one morning. Those cute little toes!

We went to Thanksgiving Point one Saturday to see the tulip festival with family.

We celebrated Easter with my sister and her kids.

We started digging for our in-ground trampoline. We had to take out a tree root and a ton of rocks!!!

The girls went with my sister to the Bean Museum one morning while Rob and I dug for the trampoline.

Rob flew out to NYC for work. He was gone for 3 nights and 2 days.

Rob got a promotion at work and we went to Olive Garden for dinner to celebrate.

My niece Natalie returned from her mission in Adelaide Australia and gave a talk in her old ward in Roosevelt. We drove out there to listen and see family. It was also her first time meeting Nixon.

Our cute little Molly posing for me. I wanted to test something out on my camera and needed her to model for me. 

Ants! Seriously, they will not go away! Molly left a sucker in her room and they quickly found it.
Then I made a big pan of brownies one evening and we only ate a little bit of it. I covered it and found the ants had helped themselves that night! We had to throw the whole sheet of them away :(
The ants eating my yummy brownies was too much so I made some homemade ant bates and they came and helped themselves to baking soda and powdered sugar.

The girls playing in the beautiful light in our living room.

I was looking at our security cam one night and noticed Rob and I twinning it on the couch.

Nixon pulled down our little sofa table in our living room one afternoon. I couldn't get to him quick enough, but saw it happen. It ended up falling on his foot and scaring him. Once I consoled him, he stayed and cuddled with me for quite some time.

Nixon ate his first chocolate chip cookie. He LOVED it!

The girls sharing their drink when we went out for dinner one evening was pretty cute to watch.

We're not sure why ESPN thought the LDS tabernacle was a good backdrop to advertise for tequila. 

We have so many dandelions in our yard! I spent hours and hours digging them out... filling our entire garbage can full of them... and I didn't even get them all!

Sophie hanging out on the wrong side of the stairs.

This month I also was called to a new church position, relief society committee leader, and released from being a relief society instructor. 

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  1. Wow! What a busy month! So much yard work! And how do you feel about your new calling?! :)