Nixon 14-15 months

This boy is 15 months! He is still the cutest and most smiley boy around.
Some new things Nixon has learned to do this past month are...
  • says hi, banana, ball, uh-oh, mama, and dada
  • tries to blow bubbles, kisses, and on food when it's hot
  • likes to try to put things together... like plugging in cords or USB cords into any type of hole
  • tries to jump, but doesn't get air. He'll squat down then quickly straightens his legs
  • he likes to bounce balls and kick them
  • he's really wiggly and busy. Church with him is HARD
  • he can be cuddly when he wants to 
  • loves to watch home videos and sometimes it's the only way to keep him still
  • he loves to play outside and get his hands in the dirt
  • he's curious and we can't keep him in the backyard for long. He'll take off to check out the garage or head down the sidewalk
  • he likes to sleep in the child's pose position up on his tummy and knees.
  • he loves to read books and always cracks up when we read the Potty book where it says, "Tinkle Tinkle Toot"
  • he can run and loves to run away (or toward you) when you say your gonna get him

Nixon's stats:
Height: 31in (50%)
Weight: 20 lbs (15%)
Head Cir: 17.25in (2%)

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