Spring Break 2017 Day 1

For spring break this year Rob took Thursday and Friday off work and we headed south. Our first stop was Arches National Park. We arrived there about 11 am and after a quick stop at the visitors center we headed up to a couple short hikes in The Windows area.
We stopped at a few lookouts along the way and ate a picnic lunch from the van.
Once we got to the windows section we circled and circled around the parking lot for a space to park without any luck. Eventually Rob dropped me and the kids off and we started the short hike up to an arch.
Rob eventually joined us and we looked around one arch before we turned to the south and hiked to the next one.
Although these two arches were in pretty close proximity we still had some little complainers. I'm not sure how my girls can run around the house and yard all day and yet an easy hike makes them 'too tired'. But they did it.
Once we visited the two arches we headed to the restrooms. After a long wait, I went into the restroom with Molly and Sophie and tired to be really quick since there was quite a line. When it was my turn to the potty I took my phone out of my back pocket (bad things can happen to your phone if you try to use the bathroom with it in your back pocket. I've learned from experience) and the only place to rest it was on top of the sanitizer dispenser. I cringed a bit, but thought it was the safest place for it and used the potty. And then we rushed out. We had to walk down to the bottom of the parking lot to get to our car.
Rob and the kids were done, but double arch was right there and I just couldn't bring myself to miss it. So as kind as Rob is he said he'd wait with the kids in the car so I could quickly hike it.
On my way to the trail I patted my back pocket for my phone and realized it wasn't there. And then my mind took me back to the port-a-potty and the sanitizer dispenser. I'd left my phone in the bathroom! I quickly hiked up a bunch of stairs, praying in my mind that I'd find it, and rushed back to the restrooms. I asked the first person in line if I could retrieve my phone... and they said it was alright. When I went in for it it was long gone! I was so sad, anxious, and frustrated that someone would take it! I asked a stranger if I could use their phone to call Rob and let him know what was happening and to have him call my phone, but phone service was really spotty and I couldn't get through to him. So I had to hike back down and find him, (he had since found a better parking spot.) Once I did and told him the situation we decided there was nothing more to do without phone service, so I still hiked to double arch.

After, we drove further in the park and found the lookouts for Delicate Arch.
Once we saw Delicate Arch we decided to dive further into the park and I was watching Rob's phone for service. When his phone showed a few bars I had him pull over and I called the visitors center to see if they had a lost and found. They did! And they had my phone! So we tuned around. The visitor's center was closing in 5 minutes (we were about 20 minutes away) so they said I'd have to pick it up the next day. I asked (maybe begged) if there was anywhere they could leave it so I could pick it up, since we were heading more south and wouldn't be back the next day, and the man said he'd hide it outside for me. Fifteen minutes later I had my phone back! I was so grateful for honest people, for the arches worker who stashed it outside for me, and for answered prayers!

By this time we decided to say goodbye to Arches and head down to "Grandma's House" aka the house we rented for a couple nights. We stopped in Moab for some dinner at Quesadilla Mobilla.
We reached "Grandma's House" in Blanding and settled in for the night.

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  1. What a fun trip! I haven't been to arches yet but is on our summer bucket list! And I am so glad you got your phone back. :)