Spring Break 2017 Day 2

On day 2 of our vacation we stopped by Blanding's visitor's center  first thing in the morning for a few minutes and then headed over to The Edge of the Cedars Museum. We went though the exhibit before we headed out to the ruins in the back.
We got to climb down into one of the ruins. It was pretty cool.
After we headed to 5 Kiva Pueblo, also called West Water Ruins to the locals. It's a site of ruins that is undeveloped and open to anyone.
Right next to 5 Kiva is Nations Natural Bridge. It was a little hard to decipher this arch from the rock behind it, but we got out and had a look anyway.
Next we headed south to Bluff. We stopped at Twin Rocks for lunch, then headed over to Bluff Fort.
Bluff Fort was by far our kid's favorite stop. We started by watching an interactive movie where it told about the early settlers and how they eventually made it through hole-in-the-rock and into the valley.
We went on a scavenger hunt as we visited each of the cabins, roped calves...
...panned for gold, went in a tee pee and mud hut.
Nixon wandered over and sat right down in the middle of this little stream before any of us notices. He loved playing in the water.
We dressed up like pioneers and had our picture taken.
Nixon picking a winner. Haha
And lastly we pulled hand carts. The girls picked a souvenir from the gift shop (a little Native American baby doll) and we continued south. 
We stopped to see the view at Goosenecks...
And Mexican Hat.
Finally we arrived at Monument Valley and they had just closed. We braved the wind and got a couple shots with the scenery. Then headed back to our rental.

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