Spring Break 2017 Day 3

Day three of our spring break vacation we drove out to Hovenweep. It was definitely in the middle of nowhere, but it was pretty fascinating and worth the drive.
We walked an easy 2 or so mile looped hike, mostly on rock around several of the ruins. 
Below is Hovenweep Castle, the biggest ruin we saw.
After we circled the ruins, the trail cut down into the valley and up the other side where it ended back at the visitor's center.
From there we drove down to 4 Corners. It was also in the middle of nowhere and in my opinion anti-climatic. But we can now say that we've done it. It was pretty windy while we were there so we didn't stay long.
After 4 Corners we drove over to Colorado and back home. It was a fun little trip with so many options. We would have gone to Mesa Verde if the sites were open, but we'll have to hit that place another time.

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