May 2017 Happenings

In the month of May:
Nixon had his fifteen month checkup.

We visited our local library and got a library card. I checked out a book I've since read and really loved called the The Hiding Place by Corrie ten Boom.

We visited the new local IFA store and loved looking at all the animals, especially the ducklings.

The kiddie pool came out of storage and the kids cooled off in the freezing water.

We finally finished digging for the in-ground trampoline and set it up.
We love our new trampoline!

We had a late night out and Nixon fell asleep on the way home. I love seeing my babies sleep.

I tried a new recipe for Levain Cookies. They were huge and yummy.

I returned to the library again with just Sophie and Nixon. They played outside at the playground and we explored inside for awhile.

We met up with our friends the Jensens at Discovery (Manila) Park one morning. We'd never been there, but we liked it enough that we'll definitely go back.

I took a few pretty lit photos one evening.

We went to the DI one afternoon and there was a garden center next door so we went over and checked it out.

Molly likes to fall asleep in our bed and it's so sweet to see her peacefully sleeping each night... but maybe not so sweet getting her into her own bed.

Nixon getting into the diaper wipes. (More here.)

Nixon living on the edge... playing on the kitchen table.

We invited our friends to the dinosaur museum with us after school one afternoon.
Nixon loved playing in the sand!
After the Dinosaur Museum we met up with Rob for dinner and tried the new Summit Inn Pizza location in Lehi (the first Summit Inn Pizza started in my small home town). After, we took the kids to the children's museum until closing.

Nixon helped me dust one morning. It was seriously the cutest! 

We met up with friends at the park where the girls picked lots of flowers.

On Mother's Day I woke up to breakfast, a card, and treats from Rob and the kids.

That morning I requested photos with my kids and family since it was my special day.

Rob had Nixon during the third hour at church and let him play tunes on the piano while the Relief Society had a munch and mingle.

Flower crowns look good and baby boys too :)

Sophie attended her last day of preschool.

We spent a Friday night hanging out at Rob's work and drinking all their complimentary drinks. Soda, flavored mineral water, milk, chocolate milk, apple juice, herbal tea, and hot chocolate. I won't lie, I wasn't sure we'd make it though that night without potty accidents, but we made sure to wake up the kids and take them potty a few times that night. And hooray... no accidents!
We played shuffle board and ping pong too.

I decided to fill my planter boxes and look into getting dirt for our new garden boxes. I spent a good while picking out the flowers and they really spruced up our charming house. 
The next day we returned to the nursery and loaded up dirt. We borrowed our neighbors truck and had to make 3 trips to fill them up. It was another big Saturday project.

Molly had field day and a dance festival at school.

Nixon turned 16 months.

Molly went to her last day of kindergarten.

Molly and her teacher Mrs. M.

Molly got her report card and she had the best marks in all areas so we took her out for ice cream. She picked a chocolate, oreo, fudge shake at Culver's.

I commented on an Instagram post, and as I was watching Studio 5 I saw that they featured my comment. The question was: What is your summer sun spot?

One Saturday after working all day in the backyard we need to get out and do something fun in the evening so we ate some dinner at Even Stevens and headed over to Temple Square. We parked and walked through a couple parks on the way. 
The flowers were beautiful. My favorite ones were these below.
Nixon really wanted to get in this fountain. He tried to climb in over and over again.

The girls put up our sun shade tent in their room and slept in it for 4 nights in a row.

On Memorial Day we visited graves and museums at BYU.

We filled up the kiddie pool again and the kids played in it again with friends

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