Molly's Kindergarten Dance Festival

Molly danced in her kindergarten dance festival. She'd been practicing for weeks and the day finally came. They had two different times that they preformed so I recorded both (neither of which turned out great). For her first dance, she was in the back row and it was pretty packed in the parent's seating area. Her second dance, she was in the front row and half her body was covered by spectators. So that coupled with a long lens, hand-holding the camera, and only occasionally looking at my camera while filming didn't make for the best video footage, but I put together a video at the bottom of the post anyway.
We were lucky that Rob was able to be there for her first dance. They danced to Can't Stop the Feeling... all with troll hair.

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  1. Trolls must be popular this year! Landon danced to a trolls song too. :)