Nixon 15-16 Months

Nixon turned 16 months. Some things he's doing currently:
  • he blows on his food when it's "hot"
  • he puts things in the trash when asked
  • he likes to grab on and hug my leg when he wants something
  • he is more clingy and has started feeling stranger danger
  • he likes to stick out his tongue and spit. He also trills his bottom lip with his finger
  • he has started drinking whole milk and is starting to ween
  • he can run
  • he loves to be outside and will just take off and head down the sidewalk without a care
  • he likes to bounce or run around on the trampoline
  • he gives zurberts (raspberries) especially when he's nursing
  • he's still super active and busy checking out any drawer or cupboard he can get in to
  • he loves to play in water and/or dirt
  • he likes to color on walls and tables 
  • he likes any type of electronic or tool. Since we've been working out in the yard a lot when he gets a chance he'll run right over to a wheelbarrow, shovel, rake, hammer, drill, or screwdriver and try to use it
  • he is using a few more sign language signs more consistently and saying a few more words. But he jabbers a lot!
  • when he's being held and he's excited, he'll kick his legs quickly over and over again

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  1. I still can't believe how big he is getting! Only 2 more months until nursery!