June 2017 Happenings

June came and went and it happened so fast. 
Things that happened this month:

I caught Molly loving breakfast so much she was licking her plate clean.

Rob and I booked a flight to Rome in September!

Were getting lots of fruit on our trees and grapes on our vines!

I planted more of our garden. Some plants we bought and other we put seeds in. 

My brother Jonathan celebrated his 40th birthday so we partied with him. We went bowling, ate at Chuck-a-Rama, then watched him open 40 gifts.

After the birthday party we let the girls swim in my sisters community pool.

Sophie made some play-doh dots and sat in pretty light.

I can't remember how this happened, but here Molly and Nixon are both sleeping next to each other on the bed. Also, this is exactly the way Nixon likes to sleep... on his belly, tucked up in a ball.

Molly would have a lemonade stand everyday if I'd let her. This day she made the lemonade and set it up all my herself. Then she sat there for a couple house and finally around the end of the work day she had a few customers stop. She made $6, but gave half to her neighborhood friends who joined in for a few minutes.

Molly and Sophie have to read for 20 min each day before they can play with friends or use electronics. Here Molly is reading to Sophie, which she doesn't like doing, so it was a rare cute sight.

Sophie came down with a virus that caused a fever and blister-like sores all down the back of her tongue and throat. She caught it from Nixon, but I didn't know Nixon had the sores until we took Sophie into the doctor's office for it.

We spend lots of time our on the trampoline.

Molly had a lemonade stand with friends while Sophie and Nixon we quarantined to the house with their viruses. 

I made a job chart for the kids and it's working great.

We love having a back yard and swings!

Rob flew out to NYC for work.

I took Sophie into a pediatric gastroenterologist to see what is going on with all of her tummy aches. He had us do more blood work, turn in a stool sample, and we scheduled an endoscopy to scope her stomach.

I let Molly sleep in my bed while Rob was out of town. She looked so small in that big bed.

We went with friends to Classic Skating and let the kids skate or ride the scooters and then play on the bounce houses. We had a blast!

We started going back to the craft days at the library.

We love playing outside during these summer evenings

Nixon had a really bad diaper rash and I took him to the doctor. It turned out to be a yeast infection.

We went to the Strawberry Days Parade and loved it.

For father's day we made dinner and took it up to Rob's brother Brent's place. After we drove around SLC looking at houses. Brent showed us the house he's under contract to buy.

Sophie sang a cute song for me about happy days while playing her guitar. It reminded me of the song Molly sang to me when she was about her age.

Rob went on another business trip to San Francisco 

While he was flying to CA. The girls and I decided to watch the Netflix series Anne with and E and the storm that hit that afternoon.

Rob got to do a little sight seeing while in San Francisco.

The girls love checking out the bulk section at Winco. I feel like I remember doing this as a child.

I went in to get Nixon out of bed one morning and he had gotten the front part of his shirt up over his head and was bare chested.

Natalie, my niece, came and hung out with us one day. It was so fun to have her around! 

We went to Adobe's first outdoor movie of the summer. Surprisingly Nixon slept in his carseat the whole time! We watched the new Batman Lego Movie.

The view up, when laying on our trampoline.

Rob volunteered to sleep on the trampoline with the girls one night. They actually made it the whole night!

We got to spend some time with my brother Logan and his family. His father-in-law passed away and they came up for the funeral and for a family reunion on his wife's side. They come over one evening for dinner and hung out.

Our ward playgroup went to Moyle Historic Park one week and we dressed up like pioneers, washed and dried clothes, played pioneer games, make dolls, toured the tower and his home, sampled honey candy and freshly churned butter. It was a lot of fun.

Molly taking pictures in beautiful light.

We dog sat Charlie for my brother while he went to his reunion.

The Kirby vacuum people knocked on my door and promised to shampoo my rug. They said they'd show me their vacuum and it'd take about 1-1.5 hours. I was wanting my rug shampooed and thought it was an okay tradeoff. Well they sent a different guy to my house and he took his sweet time, talked way too much, and did everything else besides shampoo the carpet and 3+ hours later we basically had to politely ask him to fished up and leave. So he did shampoo the rug very last, which took about 10 minutes and his supervisor tried very hard to sell us a vacuum for $1800 marked down from $3000. Ha. We did not buy one, but I was really impressed at how well the vacuum picked up dirt from my tall-piled rug. 

I went to an Italian cooking class with my friend. We learned how to make Spaghetti Aglio E Olio which is Spaghetti with sautéed garlic and extra virgin olive oil. We learned to make it three ways. She also made a lemon ricotta cake and a very basic salad. It was fun and I've already made it at home 2 times.

I finally revamped our pantry. It needed some serious help. It was always the plan, but I just didn't get around to it. Below is a partially cleaned up before picture, because I forgot to take a picture before I started pulling everything out, and then the after picture. It's so much cleaner, it gives us a lot more walking space, and we have a lot more room for food. I wish I'd done it sooner.


  1. You're going to Rome?!?! So awesome! Are you taking the kids? And I want that spaghetti recipe! :)

    1. Yes! Just Rob and I!
      I'll sent you the recipe.

    2. So fun! Is it for your anniversary?