Nixon 16-17 Months

Nixon is 17 months. He is a handful and very busy. Some things he's started doing this month:
  • shuts doors and cupboards. He's a boy after my own heart. When he sees doors or cupboards that are ajar he closes them
  • banging his head against the floor when he's mad. Or if you are holding him, he'll thrust his head backward and try to hit you with it
  • he's become a little violent. When he sees his friend Charlie or Jane he almost immediately bites them, when he sees Bo he bonks him on the head. He hits, scratches, mauls, grabs, pulls hair... 
  • he's started teething... again! He's getting his k-9 teeth and they're taking their sweet time coming in. He bites on his fingers (left hand) and they are full of sores and blisters
  • he likes to stand at the top of the stairs and throw toys down them
  • he still LOVES balls. And anything circular or round is a ball... including light fixtures :)
  • he is really hard at church! He is all over the place and is very hard to keep still. Just a month to go and he'll be living it up in nursery
  • he likes to bring me his shoes to put on which is his cue that he wants to go outside
  • he loves to throw rocks, play with sticks, sand, dirt, mud, and water
  • he likes being independent whenever he can
  • he's starting to refuse his morning naps. I still put him in his crib for that time, but often he won't sleep
  • I'm still trying to ween him, but he knows what he wants and often tries to pull up my shirt
  • he's interested in coloring, but not always on paper ;)
  • he is always running and he is fast

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