Colorado Vacation 2017 Day 1 & 2

Rob always gets the week of the 4th of July off. His whole office just shuts down. So we wanted to take advantage of the time and go on a summer vacation. Rob also had a couple of free hotel nights, from all his work traveling (I guess there is a small perk when he has to go out of town). So our vacation was limited to where a Hyatt was and somewhere we didn't have to drive too far with our 3 little ones. So we decided on Colorado Springs. It was probably 3 hours in the car farther than I wanted to drive, but that was the closest Hyatt we could book 2 nights at. So the day after the 4th of July we packed up the van and headed out. 
We only made it a half an hour (to Heber City) before we had to pull into a mechanic shop. While in Orem at a stop light we notice our car having a bit of trouble. We pulled over, checked it out, turned it on and off and no lights or indicators came on and it seemed to be working fine. So we continued. Once we turned right in Heber to head out to the basin our car started clunking and jerking and a bunch of indicator lights started coming on. So we quickly turned around and headed to back into Heber. We found a place and stopped. The mechanic said he couldn't even look at it until the following Tuesday so we called around to a few places to find somewhere that could look at it that day. When we went to drive there our car was totally dead. So Rob called a tow truck and I walked the kids down to the local park for a picnic and to play while we waited. We waited and waited and eventually made our way to McDonalds to play where it wasn't so hot and waited some more. Finally they called and told us we needed a new alternator and battery and that they wouldn't be able to work on it till the next day.
So we called my parents, who only live a half hour away, to come rescue us and we stayed the day and half of the next with them. A whole day of our vacation plans got spoiled, but we did spend a whole morning crafting in the back yard. They finished with our car at about 1pm and we drove the half hour to pick it up and restarted our vacation with $900 less in our pockets and a long 9 hour drive to Colorado Springs.
When we saw the sign for No Name we both laughed. Rob was never named out of the hospital and his birth certificate read No Name Williams until he had to legally change his name to Robert so he could get his driver's license.
We drove to Glenwood Spring where we decided to stop for dinner. When Rob was parallel parking our van died! Again! So I was thinking that meant the problem did not get fixed. Rob popped the hood and notice the connection to the battery was never tightened properly when they put in the new battery. So Rob just jimmied it a little and the power came back on. Phew!
We decided to try a taco place called Slope & Hatch. It had the highest reviews on FourSquare. Since it was a pretty tiny place and the kids had been sitting in the car for so long Rob went in and ordered while I let the kids run around outside and play.
On the way back to the car we found this little alleyway with pretty light.
We continued on to Colorado Springs and didn't arrive until just after 11pm. We unpacked the car and settled the kids into bed.

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  1. Man! It's a bummer that your van broke down. I'm glad you were able to get it fixed and still go on your vacation. And that No Name place is hilarious! Rob owns that place! :)