Colorado Vacation 2017 Day 4

Our last day in Colorado Springs we went back to the Garden of the Gods to see the visitors center that we'd missed the day before. Nixon fell asleep so Rob stayed with him in the car and I took the girls in with me.
The girls favorite part was seeing the poop different animals make. They talked about it for days.
After the visitors center we drove out to the Broadmoor Hotel. It's a 100 year old hotel that reminded me of Downton Abby. We started across the street at the Penrose Heritage Museum where we looked at all sorts of transportation modes the old owners of the Broadmoor collected and some newer pikes peak race cars. I loved watching Molly and Sophie walk around holding hands.
Then we headed over to the Broadmoor to check it out and have a picnic lunch on a bench in the back. Rob said he felt like wedding crashers the whole time. 
After lunch we started our drive home. We knew we wouldn't drive the whole way, so we planned to just go to do what ever we wanted on the way back and when it got late we'd find a hotel nearby.
We stopped at the Georgetown visitors center for a little bathroom break and to stretch our legs.
Then we drove to Dillion Reservoir, which was a highlight of the trip.
The kids loved exploring and dipping their feet in the water. Nixon found a stick and rocks to throw/splash with in the water and he was in little boy heaven! And I was in picture-taking heaven :) It was such a pretty place and a pretty time of day. We had a lot of fun there.
As we were getting in the car to leave Sophie saw wild flowers and couldn't help herself. She just had to pick some. And then Molly saw me taking pictures of her and decided she wanted to be in them too so she ran out to collect flowers too.
Our next stop was Hanging Lake. We wanted to hike to this waterfall and I knew it was getting later, but we decided to go as far as we could. Someone told us it was about a mile hike and that sounded easy... even though the sign read difficult. We walked on this path next to Dead Horse Creek in Glenwood Canyon and it was seriously breathtaking. It was about 1/4 mile walk to the trail head and we thought awesome 3/4 a mile left to go. Well we soon learned the mile started at the trailhead and a mile of practically climbing stairs of rock straight up a mountain with 3 little ones was not going to be an easy hike. Plus the sign read not to wear flip flops and Rob refused to change his shoes. He thought he'd look funny and I told him no one was going to care and he'd never see them again and he said, "Your videos live on forever." (I was taking lots of videos). He had a valid point, but I still think flip flops were not a good idea.
The girls did awesome! Molly complained a bit, but Sophie didn't. Not once! As we hiked it got darker and darker. And since we were in a canyon we didn't have as much light. I kept stopping people to ask how much further and they always said it was a ways away. I kept thinking we'd have to turn around early so we could made it down before dark, but Rob insisted we finish it. So we did and I'm glad we did. We spent just a few minutes at the top so that we could start back. We almost made it down before it was too dark. We had to turn on our flashlights the last 5 minutes or so. And Nixon fell asleep in the carrier on the way down.
After our hike we drove to the nearby town Glenwood Springs in search of a place to sleep for the night. A lot of places were full and it wasn't until our 4th try that we found a vacancy. We all showered before bed. It was a late night and we were all exhausted. 

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  1. Hahaha! I love the story of Rob not wanting to wear shoes because "your videos live on forever." :)