Colorado Vacation 2017 Day 5

The last day of our vacation I woke up to these two snuggling together. It was so sweet. Nixon on the other hand did not sleep so well. Every night of our vacation Nixon would wake up multiple times and just cry to get out of his pack-n-play. It was exhausting!
After breakfast and packing up the car we headed down to Grizzly Creek before our long drive back to Utah.
We spent several hours in the car and drove to Flaming Gorge. We went to the dam and took a 20 min tour. Then drove up to the Red Canyon visitors center to see the views.
After Flaming Gorge we drove to Roosevelt to visit my brother and sister and their families. We chatted and had brownies and cookies for a treat. Then my brother took me and the girls to his office to check Molly and Sophie's eyes. We found out Molly had no vision problems, but Sophie's vision is not good and she has no depth perception. She also needs glasses. She was a +4.00 in her left eye and +1.75 in her right. Plus she'll need to wear a patch on her right eye to strengthen it so hopefully it will straighten out and not turn inward.

Once we got back from the office it was about 9 pm and we had a 2 hour drive home. It was a late night, but it was nice to be back home where our comfy beds are and Nixon has his own room! 

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  1. Porter's vision sounds similar to Sophie's. He's +4.25 in one eye and +2.25 in the other eye