July Happenings 2017

Our month started with a friend birthday party. There were water activities, bubbles, and yummy food. The girls had a blast.

We explored two new parks. Art Dye and...

Rob organized a get-together with his family for his brother Brent's birthday. We decided to meet at a Pizza restaurant in SLC. We got to SLC early and decided the kids would like McDonalds better so we let them eat there before.

Settebello Pizzeria Napoletana was pretty yummy for a non-pizza fan like myself.

For the 4th of July we went to the Oakley parade, had lunch with family, then explored the fairy forrest in the Uinta mountians.

That evening we watched nearby fireworks and lit sparklers.

The next day we planned to leave on our family summer vacation, but first Rob had to go to court for a ticket he received. He waited for awhile and then they dismissed it. It was a really stupid ticket that shouldn't have been written in the first place! He needed to turn in a doctor's note, but saw the optometrist. His optometrist told him it actually needed to come from his primary care giver and had his appointment that same week when he was pulled over for an "expired registration sticker" that was actually current, but after multiple attempts we never received new stickers. He only had one month to go before re-registering his car again and decided he could make it a month without it. He didn't. The police man saw that his registration and insurance were current, but that the DMV was waiting on his doctors note... and he wrote him a ticket.

We left on our trip to Colorado Springs, but only made it to Heber City before our car's battery and alternator died. Our car had to be towed to the mechanics and we lost an entire day of our summer vacation.

While dealing with our car situation we played at the park and McDonalds play land (Nixon napped, but not for long) until we found out what was wrong with our car and asked my parents to drive down and pick us up.

We did craft the next morning until our car was finished.

We drove to Colorado Springs, but stopped in Glenwood Springs for dinner. Molly saw this sign with her friend's name on it and begged and begged to get a picture with it.

We arrived at our hotel late in the evening, but Nixon was pretty happy to be out of his car seat.

And the girls were dead tired.

The next day we went to the Garden of the Gods.

And the Manitou Cliff Dwellings.

After we stopped to see balanced rock, but nobody got out in the pouring rain to see it but me.

We had dinner in Manitou Springs and let the kids ride some of the kiddie rides they had nearby.

The next day we went back to the Garden of the Gods to see the museum we'd missed the previous day.

Then we started driving back to UT. We stopped in George Town...

...and at Dillion Reservoir.

We hiked to hanging lake and didn't get done until it was dark.

We found a hotel in the next city (Glenwood Springs) and stayed the night. The next day we visited Grizzly Creek before our long drive home.

We detoured and drove out to Flaming Gorge for a few hours...

... and then stopped by my brothers house. He took me and the girls over to his office for eye exams for the girls. Molly's eye were great, Sophie needed glasses and needs to wear a patch for a couple hours each day.

Sophie also had a skin tag removed. You can see it on her eyelid below.

We ordered Sophie's glasses online and had to wait a week for them to come in the mail.

Sophie had an endoscopy done to check out her stomach and see if they could find the source of her stomach aches. 

The kids got a new playhouse.

We dressed up like cows for Chick-fil-A day and all got free food. We went through the drive thru and then had a picnic at the park.

The kids all eating breakfast one morning. This photo below is one of my all time favorites!

My view one morning while getting ready ready for the day.

Our ward had a pool party.

We went to the Steel Days Parade.

And then to Picnic in the Park later that evening.

After our fun at the park the kids played in the backyard and Rob practiced taking photos of them on his iphone in portrait mode.

The girls put on a circus for us.

Nixon made mischief.

Molly snuggling with Nixon.

Sophie has the hardest time falling asleep at night and I found her like this at a quarter to 11pm!!!

My friend Hannah and I went up to Albion Basin to take photos of our kids and each other.

We spent an evening at Tibble Fork Reservoir.

My friend Hannah and I went to a pizza cooking class.

On the 24th of July my friend Kristy and I hiked Battle Creek Falls. Sophie whined alcßdmost the whole way up and my phone camera stopped being able to focus. So every photo I took was blurry. We made it to the top, Sophie chilled out, and I ran into two different set of cousins (Crystal and Preston) while on the hike.

Nixon drinking from my water bottle and looking adorable like always.

We lit more sparklers and watched fireworks the evening of the 24th. My sister Tiffany also came by late in the evening to stay with us for a few days, but she missed the fireworks.

Tiffany and I took the kids to playgroup and then to The Farm at Thanksgiving Point.

The next day Sophie had her follow up appointment from her endoscopy. The doctor thinks she has Functional Abdominal Pain in Children, but wants to do a CT scan to make sure all her anatomy is all correct.

Sophie playing with a snail. I sing a little Swedish song to my girls Lilla Snigal and this snail did not Akta Dig (watch out).

We walked on the Murdock Trail one Friday evening. It was super hot, but beautiful!

I got a new phone. Yay! Now I have plenty of storage and my camera works!

I love the case I got on Amazon!

Rob and Nixon taking selfies before bed.

Nixon loves watching home videos on Rob's phone. It's the only way to keep him still and sneak in some cuddling time.

Nixon went to his first official day of nursery. He did great. And it was so nice to be kid free for the last two hours of church!

He was so tired from church and no naps that he fell asleep in his high chair that night during dinner.

Nixon turned 18 months!

We have a little girl ghost haunting our upstairs. Oh, wait that's just Sophie looking super creepy and not staying in bed.

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  1. Yay for a new phone!! :) and that last picture is pretty creepy. Haha.